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California Democrats Are Illegally Buying the Senate

They want to spread their socialist propaganda across the country.

Breitbart News reported Sunday that Ossoff, who hopes to defeat Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) in January, became the highest-funded candidate in the history of U.S. Senate elections as he raised $106.7 million between October 15 and December 16.

This is also the record for the most raised in two months.

As Ossoff broke fundraising records during this FEC reporting period, it also appears the Georgia Senate Democrat candidate also raised significantly more money in California than the Peach State.

Ossoff raised $14,731,746 in California and $2,550,267 in Georgia during the latest period. This amount to Ossoff raising nearly six times more money in a state over two thousand miles from the state he wants to represent in the Senate.

Ossoff raised:

State Total Amount Percent Of Total
CA $ 14,731,746 26.43%
GA $ 2,550,267 4.57%

Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA) said during a campaign rally with Vice President Mike Pence in December he is “sick and tired” of “limousine liberals” from California and New York having undue influence in Georgia’s elections. He said:

I am sick and tired of these limousine liberals from California and New York deciding who our next two senators are going to be in the state of Georgia. Ossoff and Warnock couldn’t raise a dime in the state of Georgia. Y’all, this money is coming from California and New York, that is dead wrong! And it turns my stomach and I am tired of it and they tried to do the same thing to my buddy Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. We’re sick of it, go home to California and New York! 

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview in December that out-of-state donations flooding into Georgia shows the donations are not “aligned” with Georgians.

“It shows you the money flooding in here is not aligned with Georgia values. This is California and New York liberal money coming into Georgia. We saw that very same thing in Montana,” Daines said.

Sources: Breitbart: Democrat Jon Ossoff Raised Nearly Six Times More in California than Georgia

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  1. Well hopefully the people of Georgia are smart enough to understand the difference between good and bad, and it won’t matter how much money is involved.

  2. What the Democratic operatives are doing to this country must be stopped! I pray that Sue is right about the
    people of Georgia, because the Dems. running for office are communists!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The communist party knows no bounds. As they say money is the root of all evil and is on display for those who don’t believe it! God bless America!

  4. The commicrats will do whatever it takes to get elected
    Even if they have to steal or cheat or buy their way
    They are nothing but crooked
    The Democrats should change the name of their party to communist
    They brainwash the working people into voting to pay more taxes so they can give it away to the people who are to lazy to work
    They spend money like it grows on trees and raises the national debt to the point that it would be almost impossible to pay back and then people are still voting for them

  5. Your all scum , your going to be removed completely soon. All democraps and Rino”s are going to be terminated with extreme prejudice (CIA term) publicly. Prepare for the storm. God is in Control . Satan loses again….

  6. Remember they told CA to go and vote! Both the dems are really BAD! The O has real real ties with China as has biden, Kemp and newscum have a thing going also! The other guy is an evil loud mouth! Hard for me to believe that people would vote for these people! Also hard to believe we have so many crooks in ANY office!
    God have mercy on OUR COUNTRY!

  7. Sounds like fraud to me . They have them on tape adding votes for Biden After closing. But the Billionaires in California need a wake up call .Keep your system we do not want socialism.

  8. When I was still in high school I already was seeing that out-of-state money was corrupting representative democracy. The same for out-of-district money for elections for district representatives. My proposed solution – I can’t remember the exact wording I submitted to my state representative but here is the “gist” of my proposal”:
    1. Candidates (or propositions) could only raise funs from people living or working within the jurisdiction they’d represent or that would be subject to the proposition.
    2. All funds raised for a particular candidate or proposition could only be used for that campaign.
    3. Any funds not expended on that campaign would be used to pay down the debt of that jurisdiction. If the jurisdiction has no debt the funds would be used to pay down the national debt.
    4. One could not “donate” his money to another candidate or jurisdiction. (The existing practice of one candidate that is in a “safe” district giving money to another to, in effect, “purchase” support from the recipient of the funds.)

    Needless to say, this idea went nowhere.

  9. This is exactly why our system is so broken. Why does winning require so much money to being with? Why are candidates allowed to accept funds from outside their constituency? There should be no out of state funding, and all funds for candidates of a state should go into a single account and each candidate should then receive an equal share of those funds for their campaign.

  10. It seems that everyone believes that money is the only thing that wins elections these days. Both Democrats and Republicans have been literally shaming their respective constituents into giving their life savings so they can saturate the airwaves with their repetitive messages ad nauseum. Does anybody truly believe that people haven’t made up their minds by now? People- the messages are clear to everyone by now and more money will make no difference!

  11. The Democrat candidates are not raising these funds. The Democrat monsters are dumping every loose dollar in their gimmee bags. The voters of Georgia should overcome these POS and vote socialism out.

  12. The people of Georgia are not going to vote because they think it is a waste of their time since the steal is in. So they are giving the senate to the demonrats.

    • I don’t believe that for a minute. They know what’s at stake and they’re not quitters – they’re hard-fighting patriots. They voted for Trump and are fighting fiercely to insure that the election isn’t stolen by a bunch of communists/democrats. Do you really think they’re just going to throw in the towel at this point and walk away? Maybe you’re troll trying to convince the freedom-lovers that there’s no hope for victory?

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