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BLM Destroys American History

The memory of one of our greatest president’s is being erased to appease rioters.

Workers removed the Emancipation Memorial, also known as the Emancipation Group and the Freedman’s Memorial, early Tuesday from a park just off Boston Common where it had stood since 1879.

City officials had agreed in late June to take down the memorial after complaints and a bitter debate over the design. Mayor Marty Walsh acknowledged at the time that the statue made residents and visitors alike “uncomfortable.”

The bronze statue is a copy of a monument that was erected in Washington, D.C., three years earlier. The copy was installed in Boston because the city was home to the statue’s white creator, Thomas Ball.

It was created to celebrate the freeing of slaves in America and was based on Archer Alexander, a Black man who escaped slavery, helped the Union Army and was the last man recaptured under the Fugitive Slave Act.

But while some saw the shirtless man rising to his feet while shaking off the broken shackles on his wrists, others perceived him as kneeling before Lincoln, his white emancipator.

Freed Black donors paid for the original in Washington; white politician and circus showman Moses Kimball financed the copy in Boston. The inscription on both reads: “A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.”

More than 12,000 people had signed a petition demanding the statue’s removal, and Boston’s public arts commission voted unanimously to take it down. The statue was to be placed in storage until the city decides whether to display it in a museum.

The memorial had been on Boston’s radar at least since 2018, when it launched a comprehensive review of whether public sculptures, monuments and other artworks reflected the city’s diversity and didn’t offend communities of color. The arts commission said it was paying extra attention to works with “problematic histories.”

Last summer, protesters vowed to tear down the original statue in Washington, prompting the National Guard to deploy a detachment to guard it.

Sources: Breitbart: Boston Removes Lincoln Emancipation Memorial

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  1. We need to get rid of Biden now and forever…He is a danger to our country and is someone who cannot be trusted….absolutely cannot be trusted!!!!!!!

  2. The statue has stood in Boston since 1879. Now, all of a sudden, it, makes people feel ” Uncomfortable “. I wonder if it was a statue of a black person, would people object to it ?? Being politicaly correct will one day destroy our country. It is only a matter of time.

  3. It is time to stop catering to these blacks. Enough is enough. History is what made this country and these blacks want to erase it the progress. These neandrathals are to stupid to know that they are way better off today than they were 200 hundred years ago, in fact we are all better off.

  4. Mayor Walsh you are a disgrace & a traitor to America! Spineless, weak, p***y! You ought to be recalled & tossed-grow a set & stand for this country and how far we have come!! We’re not a country without mistakes but you are caving to the woke cancel culture & it is dispicable-history will not forget!!

  5. Well the dummying down of education has worked! They don’t even understand what they are doing or why they are doing it! And OUR ELECTED officials are going along with them!
    How about the 85-90% of AMERICAN citizens that don’t agree with the 11% of violent, destructive rioters that are doing this to OUR once great nation!

  6. The photo and the beginning of this article is in Portsmouth VA, the Confederate monument that was destroyed by the BLM thugs in that city, backed by the NAACP and an ignorant State Senator Luise Lucas that committed a felony she got away with because of a crooked justice system in Portsmouth VA. The city of Portmouth is majority black and Democrat, and the city is crumbling like every orher majority black Democrat city in the USA.

  7. Boston is no better then isis taking things out of this great once nation. Glad I do not like in a blue state they are NUTS

  8. So blacks raised the money to pay for the monument and not too smart blacks and their white punk azz lap dogs got it removed.

  9. Goes to show how ignorant they really are!!! If they bothered to read and learn their history this would not be an issue!!!

  10. BLM are nothing but young people who want to destroy the USA and everything that our forefathers worked for including us. These whiny “give me” people need to be sent to where they claim they are from. That goes for the white trash that are with them. But I don’t know of any country that wants to deal with them.

    This country belongs to those who want to work and do better for their families. Not put their families back under socialism or?

  11. Teach the people what it means. Dont let them think in terms of **white*** emancipator because the Emphasis is on the Wrong Syl LA ble (sylable) . Come on do better than that. To not teach better, Is or Can Be offensive to the rest of us.

  12. This is a statue put up by black people using their own money to mark the end of slavery and BLM are just too stupid to know the difference. I agree one black statue should be removed for each white statue that is removed. Why would anyone with a grain of since want to remove history? They are not changing a thing, slavery happened and it was a black slaver who brought slaves here and sold them to white plantation owners both in the North and South. They would know this if they still taught history in school!!!!

  13. BLM – Does Not Give a RAT’S-REAR-END About BLACK LIVES. … They are about over throwing our Government. … BLM – Does Not Give a RAT’S-REAR-END About BLUE LIVES EITHER! … This is A NASTY GROUP Of COMMUNISTS. … Hiding In PLAIN SITE Behind a NOBLE CAUSE. … SHAME IS THEIR NAME … They Are Nothing But FRAUDS..

  14. Until people of all races accept the responsibility of who they are and act accordingly, things will not change. The laws in this country have to be enforced as written. Those who refuse to obey said laws must be punished. With few exceptions if you wantonly and with malicious take an innocent life, then your life should be forfeit.

  15. You have heard give people a inch & they will take a mile. Ignorant people don’t get it. ALL LIVES MATTER. ALL LIVES MATTER.

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