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Communists Infiltrate America Through Dem Senator

The truth of the infiltration lies with a Democratic Senator.

Recent revelations about Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese spy are another reminder of the power of the Deep State. Nancy Pelosi picked Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) for the House Intelligence Committee. Swalwell’s relationship with Fang Fang began sometime after Fang arrived in the U.S. as a student in 2011, before Swalwell was elected to Congress. He was a city councilman. It ended in 2015 when the FBI informed him that Fang was a spy and she suddenly left the country. Fang targeted young ambitious politicians who had the potential to gain national prominence. According to one U.S. intelligence official, Fang engaged in “romantic” relationships with at least two mayors of Midwestern cities. This program is designed to pay off several decades in the future. There were 369,548 Chinese students in the United States in 2018–2019. These figures suggest that the number of Chinese agents may number in the thousands.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy demanding that the FBI brief members of the Intelligence Committee on what the bureau knew about the relationship between Swalwell and Fang. The FBI had canceled the briefing twice before they met with McCarthy. They gave this briefing to McCarthy and Pelosi only. McCarthy could not reveal what was said in the briefing but stated, “One thing that was fundamentally answered — he should not be on Intel.” Of course, Swalwell remains on the committee. Swalwell is relatively young. This will all be forgotten in thirty years when he runs for president. If I were running Fang Fang, I would make sure there was plenty of video. I am sure that I’m not smarter than the Chinese intelligence community.

The vice dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University, Professor Di Dongsheng, gave a speech in Shanghai in which he revealed the extent of Chinese infiltration of the U.S. Di claimed, “We have our old friends who are at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.” He even implied that Hunter Biden was the recipient of Chinese aid: “Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that? Who helped [Hunter] build the foundations? Got it? There are a lot of deals inside all these.” Di relates a story about how he was assisted by a woman, “an old lady with a big nose, obviously a Jew.” She spoke fluent Mandarin and claimed to be a Chinese citizen. He realized that she was what Chinese people call an “old friend.” Di claimed that the woman was in charge of Asian operations for a major Wall Street financial institution. Imagine a major Wall Street financial institution employing an “old friend” to oversee its Asian operations.

A Chinese sociologist, Dr. Li Yi delivered a speech in October 2020 in which he claimed that China would overtake the U.S. by 2027. Li Yi is also a full-time professor at Renmin University. Yi claimed, “We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States. There will be no problem reaching this goal in 2027. The U.S. will not survive.” Why would anyone believe that China would surpass the U.S.? David P. Goldman described China as “ruthless meritocracy.” Ten million high school students take the gaokao (college entrance exam) each year, with math questions a lot tougher than our Graduate Record Examination. The New York Times reported that Chine graduates 600,000 new engineers every year in 2006 as opposed to 70,000 in the U.S. A Duke professor disputed this number and estimates 351,000 engineering graduates. In 2011, the University of California at San Diego created a full-time “vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.” It already had 18 diversity organizations. At the same time, it announced that it would no longer offer a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. Author Scott Johnson claims that his alma mater, Yale, has 150 full-time diversity officers. Diversity is our strength.

China also has a diversity program of sorts: “Xinjiang Aid.” Many of China’s Turkic Muslim Uighur minority are being put through “re-education camps” and work programs. Uighurs occasionally show their gratitude by donating organs. Apple CEO Tim Cook gives an excellent argument about why the iPhone is manufactured in China. However, he claims, “China stopped being the low-labor-cost country many years ago.” He is not considering the low cost of Uighur labor. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute claims that as many as 83 major companies have ties to factories where the Communist Party has shipped Uighur Muslims to engage in slave labor.

There is only one thing worse than an unchallenged superpower: a superpower that has suffered a century of humiliation by European imperialists.

Fortunately, the United States has a powerful ally in its competition with China. This ally has hamstrung the Chinese economy and even murdered as many as 100 million Chinese. They are in the process of destroying the world’s third largest capital market in Hong Kong and have managed to alienate the entire world with their coronavirus policy.

Sources: American Thinker: Eric Swalwell and the truth of communist infiltration in the USA

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  1. Still looking for the Senator referenced in the headline. You do know the “Gasbag” Swalwell is in the House, not the Senate, right? Not an “Oopsie”, but a major mistake that should have been easily caught before publishing. Bad on ya!

    • Well, the article COULD have been implying it was Sen. Feinstein. She had a Chinese spy drive for 20 years. But I believe you’re right in that the article was implying it was Senator, OOPS, Representative Swalwell.

      But you’re so right. It was sloppy proofreading on the part of the author AND the editor for allowing this mistake.

      Thanks for the important catch.

    • Well perhaps he was implying Sen. Feinstein. As I recall she had a Chinese spy as a driver for 20 years. But I suspect you’re right that they were implying it was Senator, OOPS, Representative (of whom pray tell) Swalwell.

      As you say, it should have been caught by proper proofreading by the author or editor. Thanks for an important catch.

  2. It’s long overdue for American Patriots to “deal” with ALL the traitors in our government! I support the revival of VIGILANTE LAW if we cannot depend on this government to clean its’ own house. The Democrats, George Soros and the Communist Chinese are hell bent on destroying our Republic and our people, they need to be stopped! The first step to saving our Republic is refusing to acknowledge communists like Biden/Harris as the leaders of our country. We absolutely need Donald Trump to remain in the White House for four more years +! I will fight, will you?

  3. all the time he lied about the Trump russian hoax and he is sleeping with a communist spy. he needs to resign now!

  4. Why hasn’t he been removed from office? These politician’s in our government are getting away with being involved in things like this. Look how they are trying to destroy President Trump. Yet they are ignoring this real corruption. 50 years ago he’d be behind bar’s.

  5. Poor Eric finally gets laid , and it’s a Chinese spy…got some tang from fang fang .too funny , should be a situation comedy

  6. Hey Bob onit…sorry…too damned scary for a sitcom. I am so sick I could throw up reading this stuff. Why in hell is this guy on committee STILL?????????

  7. This article is a summary of information found in other articles. I expected to find a tie to the Chinese spy who worked for Sen Feinstein. He had many years with Feinstein to cultivate other spies like Fang Fang to make connections with politicians. Having been so long with her, he may have developed a leadership position with his experience to train many others. The article failed to make any connection with a senator.

  8. vbellomo927, it is because the most corrupt Speaker of the House, Swamp Quees Pelosi refuses to remove him. Even though she knew of his connection with the Chinese spy, she appointed him to that committee. Fang also “recommended” at least one person to work on his staff. Were there more? Are they still on his staff???

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