Reporter Has Holiday Meltdown Over Trump

One of the most obnoxious reporters in the industry is having a hilarious holiday meltdown.

Ole girl Maggie Haberman is having a bit of a meltdown this Christmas Eve. Haberman has been the White House correspondent for four years now and has always had a testy relationship with President Trump. Back in March, after he called her a “third-rate journalist” when she partially quoted him, it’s been game on. She has found every nit to pick in Trump’s tweets and her coverage and analysis of the White House has become, if this is possible, even more slanted.

As Twitchy covered back in April,

“For some reason, the Times seems to have placed her [Haberman] as the reporter running point on the coronavirus beat…and she has most often ended up running into a wall. Her coverage on the outbreak and the administration’s response to it has been so slanted that The Paper Of Record has been more like a record with numerous scratches; it has become unlistenable.”

But Haberman’s analysis on CNN and her Trump coverage for the New York Times has been lauded as the gold standard of journalism. Methinks they are mistaking it for Gelt, but whatever. Trump has lived rent-free in Maggie’s head for a while, and now she’s whining about having to do her job on Christmas Eve. Really, Maggie?

Nice that you have a job to go to at all, Maggie, when millions of Americans—especially those in the restaurant industry in New York—are still suffering through this pandemic and facing Christmas without a paycheck, and maybe even without a home.

Facts. You have to get up early and report from Florida, rather than icy D.C.. Cue the tiny violins for little Mags the brave firefigher <insert *eyeroll* emoji here>.

Then Maggie got into it over Twitter with… The Reagan Battalion? Granted, they called her out on her whining about the 7:30 a.m. press call, and emphasized the obvious: that she should be happy she still has a job to go to at all when millions would love that privilege. Maggie attempts a comeback lodged at both the Reagan Battalion and Trump about the President’s potential veto decision on the $600 stimulus.

The Regan Battallion doesn’t back down, and redirects to the fact that Maggie, a well-paid journalist who hasn’t missed a paycheck, is whining about having to get up for work in the early hours of the morning. How dense can you be to fail to understand that your tweet is not only tone deaf, but the height of what her bunch likes to call “white privilege”?

My colleague Bonchie even dives in:

Maggie tries to deflect again, saying that Trump is doing the American people wrong, and throwing his party under the bus.

No, Magpie, the American people do not think $600 pittance would be a “help”, which is why no one is blinking an eyelash. Christmas is tomorrow, and we’ve had coal in our stockings since before the election; Congress hasn’t done its job the whole year, why are we expecting them to do their job now?

No, the American people would have preferred to be back at work and earning more than some $600 pittance that doesn’t cover rent in Los Angeles or a car service in New York. The time for help “during the process” should have been before the election. So stuff your faux concern. The American people back the President—we cannot say the same for you.

Is Maggie on the rag? Perimenopause symptoms hitting her hard? She’s Jewish, and we know that Hanukkah is over—but maybe try a little Christmas cheer. And eat some more of that Hanukkah Gelt, if you have any left.

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  1. I’ve figured it out what the issue with these women on the left is. Like Maggie Haberman in this story. President Trump has standards, and these women don’t, or can’t meet them. Look at Maggie.. She !are it into the book of The Worlds Most Ugly People. President Trump wanted to put a campaign billboard on her For head it’s so big. Joe Biden doesn’t even want to smell her hair. It’s jealousy, they just can’t admit to it. Like President Trump cares what Maggie Haberman thinks?

  2. Its to bad this bloody cow is as STUPID as she is SCABY UGLY. Wow that means she can’t cure STUPID or UGLY. Obviously she is the scape goat who gets all the deserved poop thrown at her. Come on Twitter give her another round of poop.

  3. Yea, That ole Trump guy works 7 days a week, ever week. 18 hours/day governing the most powerful nation in the world. He puts the American People first in every decision he makes. I will guarantee you he was working Christmas Morning after that bomb went off in Nashville. What responsibilities do you have other than yourself. What of yourself have you given for your country?
    America does not have slave labor. You can always quit your job. There is always someone ready to take your place.

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