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Senate Replacement Not Black Enough for BLM

BLM activists were outraged that an important Senate replacement was not black enough for them. Sure sounds like racism to us!

Identity politics is a rough business, America.

Think about how much time the practice of identity politics must take Democrats. First, they must keep a watchful eye on the evil Republicans for the least of transgressions — even though Democrats make up most of them. On top of that, they have to make sure they keep their own PC ducks in a row, even as they continually add more ducks to the row, as they go.

A tough job indeed.

Toss in the left-wing hysteria over the whole Black Lives Matter thing, and it’s gotta be damn near impossible. Such is the sticky wicket in which the already-embattled dictator of the People’s Republic of California, Gov. Gavin Newsom, now finds his hypocritical self, as reported by RedState’s Becca Lower on Tuesday.

Given that Sen. Kamala Harris appears to be movin’ on up to the “big time” vice-presidency, Newsom was presented with the unenviable task of picking Willie Brown’s Harris’s Senate replacement. Newsom’s selection of Alex Padilla, secretary of state of the People’s Republic, who would make history by becoming the first Latino senator from California, has ignited a firestorm in the no-longer-Golden State.

The New York Times (being The New York Times) summed up poor Gavin’s predicament.

Padilla’s selection represents a groundbreaking addition and a sobering subtraction: There will not be a single Black woman in the Senate. Activists had pushed Newsom, who is close with Padilla, on suggestions including Reps. Barbara Lee and Karen Bass.

Reps. Lee and Bass are black, of course.

What was it that Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said?

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

I have wondered over the years what MLK would think about the state of his “dream.”

Not only is skin color the main driver behind most things “politically correct” on the Left; Blacks in America are supposed to live on the Liberal Plantation™ — solely because of the color of their skin; as are Hispanics, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and everyone else deemed by the Left to be a required inhabitant of the said plantation.

One such Leftist, who is definitely not happy with the “sober subtraction,” is San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who called Newsom’s choice of Padilla “an unfortunate situation.”

As Breed sees the “sad reality,” it’s “a real blow” to the African-American community.

“The sad reality is [Harris] was the only African American woman in the Senate at this time, and when you think about the history of this country and the challenges that exist for African Americans especially … this is a real blow to the African American community, to African American women, to women in general.

Um, mayor? Not to nitpick, but not only is Harris not an “African-American”; she is — as the daughter of Jamaican and Indian parents — at least half “not black.” Very confusing.

“I think it’s really challenging to put it in words,” Breed said. She also said she was surprised by Newsom’s choice of Padilla, as reported by BPR.

“It was definitely a surprise and it’s an unfortunate situation as we are trying to move this country forward in making sure that black lives truly matter and that African Americans have a seat at the table, especially African American women. After what was done in this race on a national level, definitely is unfortunate.”

“After what was done in this race on a national level,” which was “definitely unfortunate”? You’re joking, right? What was done in this race on a national level was done by your party, mayor, which was done to deny re-election to Donald Trump.

Speaking of those not happy with Newsom’s pick, Kamala Harris’s former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown told the Bay Area NBC affiliate that Newsom’s pick was “political.”

“Obviously, it’s a disappointment. He saw fit to keep his relationships and his words the way that you do if you’re the governor and I’m sure that he did the best he could.”

Again, not to nitpick, but what is more political than a skin-color litmus test — as was gleefully applied by Joe Biden in his selection of Harris — Willie? Again, very confusing.

Despite the whiny disgruntlement of the Black Lives Matter police, neither Rep. Bass nor Rep. Lee whined about not being tapped by Newsom, choosing instead to take the high road and congratulate Padilla.

Here’s a thought. How ironic would it have been if Newsom would have offered Kamala’s seat to Willie? [winking emoji]

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  1. “Not Black Enough”?? But Obama 1/2 white and Harris 1/2 Indian are black enough? Keep moving the much?

  2. The Work BLACK…. Only means trouble anymore. Sure can see that in 2020. The Black Race has only seemed to cut their own throats, with all the Crap that they have brought down on the entire Black Race of People……. NOT – Surprising …. I guess.

  3. This world has gone absolutely banana pie over the last 30 years.
    Whatever happened to the content of someone’s character rather than the color of their skin?
    Why is everyone butt hurt from the time they awaken until the time they fall asleep?
    Race and gender card for everything.
    Get over it already.

  4. I talk to so many white people, particularly those who were raised by baby boomers, who want to serve the black man, apologize and pay 50% reparations. They want to give up their job to blacks and fully apologize for being born white.
    I encourage all blacks to take advantage of this younger woke generation. They are willing to give it all up in the name of reparations. If they aren’t willing to give it to you, then you must take it by force. The media will always have your back!
    Go for it NOW. You are OWED everything!!!
    Guilt ridden white apologist from every state in Amerika!!

  5. What are all these Blacks complaining about???? They say not equal rights. Then let’s make all the Pro ball teams forced to be 50/50 white and black and see who complains. This is equal and has anyone hearing whites complain? Right now it 90/10 white the whites on the back side

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