Poll Question – Is BLM A Terrorist Organization?

Our latest email poll question asks our readers if they think BLM is a terrorist organization.

We recently wrote an article about how BLM complained that the Senate replacement for Kamala Harris from California was not “Black Enough”.

We had a lot of readers respond saying that BLM should be designated as a terrorist organization. It got us thinking. Maybe they are!

Not only that, we decided it was a great opportunity to hear from our readers directly with a new poll!

We did not know what  to expect, but the results are clearly in one direction.

Results below:

Maybe it is the rioting, looting, and tearing down of American statues that make people view them as a terrorist organization.

One thing is for sure, something needs to be done about it.

What do you think?

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  1. The blacks took a long hard look at slavery they would find that 100 years prior to the first black slave the Irish were abducted and sold for slaves. We don’t hear a thing from them about being slaves or they are owed a life .The Irish moved on and put it behind them. BLM should do the same thing. It is in the past get over it . It cannot be undone. Get an education and get a job to be successful in todays world.

  2. Blacks need to learn about their own history. OOPs need an education do that. Sorry. A 100 years before the African continent was discovered the Irish were taken as slaves. 100 years .We do not hear the Irish moaning and complaining about it with the poor us we were slaves Oh my boo hoo. The Irish are not nor did they tear down statues burn flags , destroy businesses and make demands like You owe us. Like we hear today . They moved on and put it behind them. As far as racist goes the first to say it are the blacks and some easily led by the nose idiots. Want a vanilla ice cream cone.. your a racist. Seems like they refuse to educate them selves and like the place they are in in life. Govt support ,that will end soon.Free food. Free rent. Most get free medical treatment.. .Question?. Why do the blacks call themselves African Americans when if they are born here they are American??? We don’t call ourselves German Americans or Swedish American or any other American .Just American. We may be Swedish or German or what ever else in our genealogy. I guess what I am saying is.Get an education. Do something positive with your life. Make something of your self, Step out side of the mass ignorance your are heaping upon yourselves.

  3. Blacks are entitled in this country. They pay the least amount of taxes compared to any other nationality in in this country. They don’t pay for their babies – we do They don’t pay for their cell phones and wonder how they can obtain financing on a Cadillac Escalade which is a $90,000 vehicle? Makes ya wonder?

  4. What ” mousekiller ” says is absolutely true . It is not really the blacks who want to perpetuate the memory of slavery and the victimhood mentality . It is the sleazy Democratic Party politicians who want to use it as a tool to divide . The blacks are strong & smart and are not about to be dwelling in that ” garbage ” .

  5. Antifa and BLM both are terrorists organizations but they only exist in liberal areas. You won’t dare see them in red states cause they’ll get dealt with and they know this.

  6. Our enemy is not each other…it’s a fake government and fake media….they want us against each other…b l m and Antifa are the Democratic means to divide us as a nation…well are not a perfect nation but were are a free country…yes,b l m and Antifa are TERRIORS sponsored by the Democratic party…they helped create the lie on Jan. 6 and continue to help to divide our country.

  7. This is exactly what the commies and other un-Americans what you to think . Don’t you see ? Turning anyone against America is there objective.

  8. Blacks are taught to dislike and hate white people at an early age. That’s why they go around with their baditude. Their go to when something doesn’t work for them is you’re racist. They use the word racist more than dad. White liberals are the underlying reason blacks play double standard. Now we are supposed to dum down because 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 4 because that’s racist.

  9. Yes, they are a terrorist organization also Obama’s army,as per claimed by him. So they all should be jailed or deported, since they don’t love this country.

  10. blm is not for anyone it is a terror organization who want to rob, kill, loot ,riot and pay NO price for their actions. they want what you have because they are too lazy to work

  11. You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be one. Opportunities for success exist nowhere as much as in the United States. Get a job, get an education, do something besides sit around and feel sorry for yourself. The possibilities are endless, but you cannot find them unless you look for them.

  12. There are a lot of blacks in the American mainstream. Most of them do well in life. Organizations like Antifa are anti-American and, are not likely to prevail in the long term. Let us, therefore, join hands to build a better America in peace.

  13. Blacks were slaves 100 years ago. Now it is 100 years later. There is no longer slavery. Those who do not let go are now the new slavers. Slaves to the past. Reparation is one way of not letting go of the past.
    Not only races, individuals too have had bad experiences in the past. Those who do not let go are seeking revenge, be careful it does not backfire on you.


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