Poll Question – Is BLM A Terrorist Organization?

Our latest email poll question asks our readers if they think BLM is a terrorist organization.

We recently wrote an article about how BLM complained that the Senate replacement for Kamala Harris from California was not “Black Enough”.

We had a lot of readers respond saying that BLM should be designated as a terrorist organization. It got us thinking. Maybe they are!

Not only that, we decided it was a great opportunity to hear from our readers directly with a new poll!

We did not know what  to expect, but the results are clearly in one direction.

Results below:

Maybe it is the rioting, looting, and tearing down of American statues that make people view them as a terrorist organization.

One thing is for sure, something needs to be done about it.

What do you think?

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  1. When I hear the word Democrat I immediately think of human traffickers and pedophiles. And I do hate to say that because the Democrat Party used to stand for the working man and the impoverished, which could be the working man if he lost his job and was out of work for a while. But today’s Democrats represent Big Tech, Corporations, Socialism and everything thats corrupt. They’ve become what they used to accuse the Republicans of being and I think thats fairly obvious to most Americans.

  2. AOC is not a socialist.. she is a communist and no.. she should not be in government. Nor should her cohorts of the tribe. these are horrible, treasonous women.. sick in their minds.

    • This entire lot should be charged with TREASON.
      This entire biden criminal administration have to be charged with TREASON & SEDITION.
      That is how to remove this commie lot

  3. ARREST THE LEFTIST SOCIALIST OLIGARCHS AS THEY POSE FOR A PHOTOSHOT AROUND PELOSI’S PODIUM. SHE IS A DEMENTED TREMORED WICKED OLD FOOL WHO NEEDS A FATAL KICK IN THE PANTS! I won’t comment about broken hip demise statistics, here. She’s 81, and eventually going down for the count. After a 7 year lovefest WITH JFK, her politically corrupt career took off. She, like other LEFTISTS, has milked AMERICAN taxpayers’ pockets FOR YEARS.

  4. Mr.Magoo, you can’t climb the stairs to AF 1, but you can sure cheat on American election. Should be ashamed of yourself. You are destroying our country.

  5. Deamoncrats have already done enough to totally destroyAmerica that is fine with these wicked evil beings.If we do not get these wicked evil ones out of our government there will d be nothing to save.

  6. This is not the United States of America. That third world VP is bringing World War 2 Japanese prisoners from that era has nothing to do with race. We were at war. We had monitors on the Germans too, but they went to South America and Brazil. The Japanese came here. I guest Kamala, you study your history you primitive bitch! That’s how you keep your own primitive race in the dark right? RIGHT!!!

  7. “HIDIN’ JOE BIDEN” is just a PUPPET for the DEMONRATS !! Even a 2 year old could walk all over him !!!

  8. It is a disgrace and also disgusting that the Democrats are letting these terrorists get away with everything………God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Some people seem to want to make a joke out of this, but I don’t think what’s happening to our country and what’s going on in our government is funny at all! For starters BLM and ANTIFA both are domestic terrorists without a doubt. The demonrats running our country are a demonic force to be reckoned with! They are destroying our country and if something isn’t done about them soon we will no longer recognize the United States for the great Nation it has been for centuries. They will own us and dictate every moment of our insignificant lives, and all because we did nothing to stop them when we had a chance. They’ve locked us down, taken our lively hoods, they’re working on removing our religious affiliations one by one, dictating where we can go and when, who we can see, how many people can come into our home if any, forcing us to take injections that aren’t properly tested, and the list goes on and on forever!!! Not only are they overrunning us with illegals, but they’re flying them all over the country and its already been verified that many are sick and many are criminals!!! And they are pouring all kinds of money into supporting them. Money that should have been going to American people for all that we’ve been forced to endure and for all that we’ve lost!!! People of America, we must stand together as one, and do something to fix our country and government!!!

  10. One way to get rid of the black TRASH matters is to have a monthly ” PURGE ” !!! Many of you will know what that is .

  11. One of the BLM leaders has threatened fire in the streets if the former police officer isn’t found guilty. That isn’t the way it works, they may find that their threat might end in Federal intervention.

  12. The people of color are being used, look at the founder has purchase several homes on the back of the people BLM was to serve. I head a number like several Million dollars shucks I’ve worked all of my life and can only afford on home with a value of two hundred thousand.

    • Of course they are terrorists.
      The main goal of blm is to continually stir up and convince everyone that everyone and everything is racist.
      People with darker skin tones NEVER had it better than when president Trump was running things.
      But NOW, somehow, everyone is a victim. Everyone not brown is a violent racist.
      It IS insanity.
      They would have you believe that it’s 1947, and if you are not brown, you are hunting brown people while wearing a white hood.
      They DO NOT believe black lives matter.
      They DO NOT believe Dr Martin Luther King.
      They are violent Marxist fools.

    • Well now that the Lord came down to Washington and told Biden, that the people of color are destined to be rulers of the world. We non people of color are only going to be allowed to stay on Earth to serve their populations 🤬😩

  13. Biden. Harris. Pelosie. And tff he at ass hole Schumer. Need to be impeached. Like now. For treason to america

  14. Max should have taken the street fighter with her it’s a shame she wants to defund police but has extra security where is ours to protect us against her and her Assassinating crew she is a disgrace to the human race

  15. I imagine that being a “socialist” should not necessarily be a blot on one’s choice! Socialism is considered one of the choices for people and shouldn’t mean a socialist should be banned from.anything!

  16. Frances. If you want to live off big government and live like a rat eating out of dumpsters. It’s time you move. True Americans don’t live that way. We work hard to get ahead not depend on big government and food stamps. The Democrats are not the same party they used to be. I’m sorry but now it’s right versus wrong. Work hard and let freedom ring. OR MOVE OUT. 2ND AMENDMENT.

  17. If Biden can pray for justice for George Foster. I believe we should all pray that Hunter Biden gets the same kind of justice his father called for the Officer charged for in the Foster Death. The President of the United States shouldn’t try to influence a jury to kiss up to BLM or Antifa.

  18. You all don’t really care or you would get up and fight these terrorist instead of sitting here typing

  19. Well I don’t like is the way these DemNazis or doing the same thing Hitler was doing back in the day and nobody can see past that and he’s black people are stupid because they’re using them to do their dirty work and when I don’t need them no more that’s when they’ll throw them aside everybody forgets Joe Biden is a clans member they made him an honorary member back in 1984 when Senator Byrd was there look at all the black people he put in jail him and Kamala Harris she was smoking weed and she was prosecuting people and putting them in jail while she was doing the same thing these Democrats are hypocrites they sit there and they blame other people for the stuff that they are doing like the Russian collusion that was Joe Biden and Hunter Biden the whole time they knew it Ukraine Russia China he is the most corrupt man in all the world in you put him as president that’s how stupid you people are we were doing good with Donald Trump he was helping every race the reason why he got kicked out because the rich wasn’t making enough money Hollywood elites weren’t making enough money they warned him and they stole the election I don’t care what anybody says half the people that voted were illegal immigrants didn’t even have a Social Security number or a drivers license and so there they never asked for one it should be mandatory you are an American citizen it is your right to ask to see somebody’s drivers license or their Social Security card if they don’t have one they don’t get to vote we got to stop allowing criminals into our country do you watch you watch we’re gonna pull out of Iraq two years later we’re gonna be attacked again because of Joe Biden look how embarrassed he made us during that green summit they did where China was offering to loan small countries money so that way there and they could take them over when they couldn’t pay and Biden said nothing he sat there was two masks on his face that man is an embarrassment to the United States government that man should be fired he should be impeached for all the crooked stuff he’s done for 47 years a Kamala Harris should be impeached for the MFF fun bailing criminals out of jail to go commit to same crime they went to jail for this is ridiculous we were down we would’ve never let anybody do this before and now we’re like sheep we just lay down and take this crap we’re allowing these criminals to corrupt our government what the hell happened to a girl what the hell happened to America bright no all we wanna do is can’t see this can’t say that you got to be respectful to LDGBQ fuck that forget it I’m not doing it you were born a boy you’re a boy you were born a girl you’re a girl end of story God chooses your sex you are who God makes you either learn to live with it or don’t God chooses who you are we live our lives through God‘s eyes that’s the problem with this country everybody’s gotten away from God worst tried to Villanova Villa via God God is God God is all knowing in all seen God protects people BLM should be a terrorist organization they’ve killed more people than they have helped David brick the elderly they have hurt children they have hurt women they allow MFF to bail criminals out and rape women where are they in Chicago when little kids are being shot in black on black crime where are they in Alanna kids are shot in Atlanta Georgia black on black crime they are nowhere to be found because they are all political organization they don’t care about people all they care about is their agenda to make money for the upper people in the organization to get rich they are a terrorist organization go after them with a Rico statue and you’ll terret down come on FBI stop being pussies do your job like you always do you go after the mob but you won’t go after BLM I should’ve that’s a racist organization black lives matters what’s wrong with all lives matter why does it have to be black livesSomebody needs to file a lawsuit against him a discrimination lawsuit because why is a black lives why is it all lives why isn’t I mean they help nobody let me $10 billion where their money go what they do with it oh yeah I forgot ruined Portland Oregon ruined businesses shot white people in the head ran them over with cars brick dumb what else did you do to people exactly they’re all punks

  20. BLM is and has declared themselves a Marxist organization and are trained in Marxism. According to their words on TV. Why are they still in operation in this country? Marxism + communism = socialism. Arrest them, cuff them ,jail them , deport them. I am sure Africa has room for them and will welcome them with open arms. In addition , If on welfare for any reason ,food stamps medical what ever and are arrested and fined Be removed from the welfare system permanently. Maybe if they aren’t so high on drugs they might make a good decision. MIGHT.
    By the way. every country that has slipped into socialism has failed and nearly destroyed them selves .We will be following if we don’t get rid of the UN Americans in office trying to destroy the constitution.

    • You are exactly correct. I think the G’ovt should offer free transport to Africa. If they’re not happy here, send them back to their motherland. If the rebels don’t get them, the lions will.

      • I agree send them to THEIR land and strip them of all none black achievements/inventions and they will see who has been the PRIVILAGED, THEM, all they have contributed to ARE COUNTRY is “crime/corruption, now their trying to take control over are country remove all that is white turn it all black, breed us out that’s why they are after are Waman.

  21. The biggest reason the dems are not closing the border is because every one is a potential VOTE.. Biden is too far gone mentally to be President so his handlers are running the country. He just signs the bills

    • Biden is just a puppet for all the black democrats. They are waiting for him to totally lose any sanity so Kamela can just take over. Then their plan has succeeded. The Nation will never recover as long as blacks take over.
      You can tell how it will be by looking at what a great job they’re doing in Africa.

  22. WIPE OUT E. V. E. R. Y. eNEMY of AMERICA!!.ADOLPH HITLER. Every stinking traitor and START OVER….Problem SOLVED.

  23. Add my vote to get shed of the fools in the Gov’t. Communism only works for SMALL groups of people , when it is tried with more than a dozen people, it fails miserably. Always has and always will.

  24. Biden a failure? Yes he is, to the point of him being in the White House could seriously negatively affect national security, indeed, it already has. Therefore Quid Pro Schmo is a traitor. Any president who knowingly and willingly endangers national security is a traitor. This is a de-facto truth,

  25. BLACKS have been used by Democrats/WITH SUPPORT OF MEDIA. I say, if they want be called African/Americans instead of Americans lets all chip in and send to Africa. See how they like KENYA??

  26. If they are using terrorist tactics on American soil, beating, burning destroying property to sway sentiment, then they are by definition domestic terrorists. Steps should be taken to stop them.

  27. The Repubs can win elections just by saying they support the police and will give them raises and support if they must handle a situation.


  29. Biden will go down in History as being the worse of the worse president that America has ever had. The corrupt Democrats should be Ashamed of themselves for stealing the election for this brain damaged shell of a man to lead our country. I think that everyone involved in this conspiracy should be put to death when the truth finally come out to the pissed off American people. That will be the day that all the corrupt Democrats will have to fear for their lives because of all of their lies and crimes . That will be the day that justice in America will returned and all these traitors should be found guilty and finally executed .

  30. When they believe that their opinions and ideas give them the right to interfere with the lives of other citizens, and the right to hurt other people, then, YES, they are terroristic.

  31. BLM = Burn Loot Murder solution FMJ problem solved!! Fuck communists burning American city’s !

  32. Needless to say, Biden is not the person to be the President of America! He’s well out of place as pres and should be removed!!

  33. No, she is an extremist pushing segregation of all races.

  34. What is the most disgusting item that never gets discussed and people just turn their heads is: The Democrats paid BLM and Antifa to burn our large cities to the ground – smash and loot Nothing gets done about this. This is what disgusts me to the core is the black bitch that conspired with the Democrats to burn Democrat run cities just bought four mansions for herself to live in. The FBI could care less about all of this cause they are all Democrats too

  35. We do not need even one musilum in out Federal Gov we are a Christian Country musilum s hate Christians and want to kill them.

  36. I have never been prejudiced against anyone for anything ever in my entire life..& I can’t even identify with my ‘white’ history as I do not many things that white man has done. However..i am beginning to change my perspective…not to a position of hatred but instead of intolerance. If they’re so unhappy to have been brought here over 200yrs ago..i think we should send them back to the lands of their ancestors. One way return.

    • I totally agree with you. They keep referring to the Cop who died during the January 6th event. He didn’t die as a result of the “MAGA” on January 6th. As far as Cops being killed BLM has killed around 3 plus about 20 others many were black and the Democrats still supports BLM & ANTIFA. When any are arrested liberal Judges let them off the hook and the few that got put in jail a few of the Dem lawmakers bailed them out immediately using a go fund me account.

  37. Not only is Biden an IDIOT, but he is allowing all the WASHINGTON SWAMP to take over.
    The damage to our country will be recorded in the history books.
    The rest of the world is watching as America implodes.

    • You are correct on all your statements. The problem is that the majority of blacks are too ignorant to realize this. They’re like a bunch of sheet being told what to say and do.
      They just don’t see how stupid their causes are doing more harm than good.

  38. One Day we REAL Americans will have to Boot these Invaders OUT They come here for the Free And easy Life, We Real Citizens Unwillingly Bestow on them!

  39. Not all democrats are Communists/Socialists/Marxists, . . . . but it appears that MOST of the democrat POLITICIANS and their RINO POLITICIANS are. Those who are not politicians, but are democrats all seem to have the following traits in common :

    1. unable to understand simple questions
    2. frequently change subjects mid-sentence
    3. argumentative about almost anything said by someone other than themselves
    4. disruptive to the point of creating a volatile atmosphere in any setting
    5. exaggerated and often incoherent rants about something totally fictitious and proven false
    6. tend to overlook own faults, errors and outrageous conclusions based upon falsities and fictional events
    7. rude and discourteous behavior around “the common people”
    8. expecting all to part a way wherever they make their “appearance” su propia apariencia gloriosa
    9. fail to look directly to any person when speaking (usually look at something on a wall or something behind
    the person they are speaking to
    10. expert LIARS, every damn one of them !

    I have friends and relatives that say they are democrats, but don’t display the above ten common traits of democrats. They are kind, soft-spoken, compassionate and well mannered, . . . . when I am around, . . . but when I am not around they are probably just like the other assholes that rant and rave and spout off with what simply sounds like bullshit to me.


    But there are a lot of politicians who did.

  40. Democrats share a brain by ratio 1 by 5.
    Imagine defunding the police.
    Not until crimes affect them do they realise their idiocy.
    At the same time they can identify with the crime of a stolen election.
    So the effort to defund law enforcement and crimes of a stolen election correlate.

  41. I think they all need a trip back to the homeland, via the transportation used to get them here. dont like it? get out. BLDM.

  42. Joe, can replace the worse President – Jimmie Carter and take that position as the Worse of the Worse President Ever!!

  43. Any City who allows or causes their police departments to be cut down and these mobs allowed to flourish deserves what they get. People Wake up and be REAL Americans!!! The mobs would flourish in jail rather than being allowed to run over all the people who have worked hard and taught their children to be lawful is NOT RIGH/111!

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