Poll Question – Is BLM A Terrorist Organization?

Our latest email poll question asks our readers if they think BLM is a terrorist organization.

We recently wrote an article about how BLM complained that the Senate replacement for Kamala Harris from California was not “Black Enough”.

We had a lot of readers respond saying that BLM should be designated as a terrorist organization. It got us thinking. Maybe they are!

Not only that, we decided it was a great opportunity to hear from our readers directly with a new poll!

We did not know what  to expect, but the results are clearly in one direction.

Results below:

Maybe it is the rioting, looting, and tearing down of American statues that make people view them as a terrorist organization.

One thing is for sure, something needs to be done about it.

What do you think?

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  1. I totally agree, put these people in prison for their crime, they also need to stop being past dwellers, dwelling on what happened to them in the past, the past is the past, move on

    • Blacks will continue to dwell on the past for it’s a tool they use to gain more over us and to justifies their races actions, they want to get rid of all white history, and turn everything black we can’t have a WHITE SCHOOL but they I understand have NINE BLACK COLLEGES and we the taxpayers through government funding give then a lot of money every year so WE THE WHITE CAN”T HAVE BUT WE CAN PAY FOR THEM TO HAVE “9” and, they have BLACK HISTORY MONTH but WE THE WHITE DON”T and they want to get rid of Ares, white built this country and none black invented everything, they want to take are names off and, put their names on all of are achievements, this “N” SH-T must stop no more race card they weren’t there neither were we…

  2. destroy the human race make the world a better place , Just look at the human race they are so hateful, does the society of the world know that the world was built on slavery of all races , not just black,

  3. blm buffoons, losers, misfits are just as bad and panti fa- both useless worthless trouble makers

  4. B L M sent by the devil himself . If any democrates don’t see what we all see then God blinded them for there horrific miscalculations of self indulgence .

  5. Yes! we have to get rid of all this duelers , they found a way to make money, they are lazy individuals don’t want to wok and live out of the people, even their own color.

  6. I’ve been around Afro Americans all of my life. We all lived on the poor side of town but we didn’t know we were poor. I ate with slept with played with went to school with and had a good friend that was black. I a few run ins with some blacks but I had a few run ins with white and Hispanic guys. But in Reality it was going to happen because I was on the boxing team. I’ve had a gun held to my head and a knife held to my throat and had to fight off three blacks at the same time they just didn’t know I was such a good boxer. There was a few more issues but as I said earlier it didn’t matter what color you are when you live in the poor lives that we all lived in. But I don’t ever remember anything about BLM because all lived matters. All of you Afro Americans need to grow up get a job take care of you children if you are the dad get married and take care of your family. Don’t expect money for something that happened years and years ago such as slavery. My people and several others have suffered from other nationalist but if we wanted to improve our lives we worked hard made good choices about our friends and saved until we could move to a more suitable neighborhood and we didn’t involve ourselves in issues that would get us in trouble. We don’t drink alcohol do drugs pay our bills don’t run around on our wives and are a huge part of our kids life’s. It doesn’t matter what color you are nothing in this world is free and there is no free handouts so stop crying get a job start a new life a stay away from BLM.

  7. The REAL BLM, founded 2014 in Ferguson AGAINST OBAMA AND BIDEN was a genuine PEOPLE’s VOTE.
    The FAKE “BLM” we have now RIOTING FOR BIDEN (and Obama in the background) was and is A FAKE!

  8. Amen !!!!! I know what you’re going through.
    In my posts on other sites say exactly what you have posted.
    Even some of my friends give me crap about it.
    They seem to forget that I also stated that there are a lot of blacks that are in agreement.

  9. I totally agree, and not only that, they forced the tv networks to take the tv show cops off the air, which is stupid on so many levels, and I don’t care if blm finds out about what I say, it’s the god-spoken truth!

  10. I am a senior and am amazed that Americans are so deceived to elect Government officials that have ideas and actions that are contrary to our American laws, freedoms, and Constitution. The selfishness, greed and desire for power has taken many who are elected to serve us only to turn against us as they continue to take more away from us while lying saying we will all be better off. Many who serve are very sick in their thinking, mean spirited and full of hate. No wonder Socialism is dominant in the Democratic Party, yet Socialism only destroys as history shows by those countries who have tried .

  11. 2021 will be the worse than 2020 if patriotic American do not stand up and fight against the tactics of the democrats to destroy democracy and install nazi /communist overlords. BLM is one of these nazists style hate groups being used to force good people to accept their fate and future domination by the self-centered, selfish, hate ideology of the left I was told many years ago that those on the left ,and those educated without knowledge of the values many Americans learned from their parents and in school 30 years ago, are spoiled, selfish persons who will do anything to make others act /think as they want them. The idea of PC, WOKE, and racism are prime examples of this evil and shallow behavior. Time thinking Americans fight back with words and actions or America will cease to exist as a free and Godly nation. Evil succeeds when good people do nothing.

  12. What else would you call them? Ignorant savages? Living in a country with more opportunity than anywhere else in the world and destructively complaining about it?

  13. BLM, is a Markus organization. Their objective is destabilization of the entire United States economy resulting in government failure and the failure of the dollar. The variant’s that we are seeing in COVID-19 are most likely the result of underling conditions in the patient that triggers it. It is entirely possible that it was built into the original strain of the virus. China and Russia would love nothing more than to bring the United States to it’s knees and make no mistake about it they would over run us as fast as they could.

  14. Joe Biden is a slimy, dishonest and unpalatable person! America would be far better off without him and it’s more than a little shocking that he was actually elected as Pres. I can only think that the Americans who voted for him were drunk or otherwise incapable of making a rational decision!

  15. It’s all about the blacks so they can have excuses to ransack the United States these damn fools don’t even know their own history… we totally dissolve the Black Panthers and push them in a corner let’s just take 10 of them for every one of us Let’s See How Far That goes and how they feel about that I’m very disgruntled against this b******* that’s going on in the United States right now the people need to stand up and do their job

    • Their all pretty much bought and paid for! I don’t know if we can trust ANYONE anymore! I do trust PRESIDENT TRUMP a d the military! Being a former Marine it hurts my heart and pains me to see anyone who does the things the demonrats,blm,Antifa and all others do! GOD is working i believe so
      That’s all I can say!


  17. I do not believe any person on welfare should be allowed to vote. If you have a full-time job …. yes. if you have no rent subsidy, yes. if you are not a United States citizen, no vote.

  18. We can all kiss our country goodbye! Anyone who voted for the progressive trash is no better than they are! Hope everyone is happy when they live under Marxist/Communist rule after voting for this trash!!!

  19. Trump is a traitor. Try him then Hang that at POS an jail his criminal family. trump is only supported by fake patriot traitors and fake christian hypocrites

  20. Vincent Lowers You are not a normal person!!!! You are the traitor you idiot. You have go to jail, you barbarian animal!!!!l

  21. Get ready USA, Big Guy President will be facing first China wanting to take over by Force Taiwan and after Japan, than buyout Twitter, Facebook and Google within America just like buyout the Biden Crime Family. Vote Trump 2021.

  22. Vincent Lowers………….people like you are the reason for birth control. What an idiotic thing to state.

    You only affirm that ignorant persons have figured out how to be stupid in writing.

    BTW, have you renewed your blm dues???

  23. The Democratic group are the most wicked evil group I have ever known in my entire life I can not think of one good thing they have ever done for the good of the. United States of America. Onl


  25. This reminds me of “Evita Peron” and The debacle down there in Argentina! Good Lord someone please stop this steal! Because this asinine donkey is not my president!

  26. TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS!!! What is wrong with these boneheads in office. I VOTE TO THROW ALL OF THEM OUT AND START OVER! Absolutely no more than 12 years for any! 12 in the House and 12 in the Senate. If they cannot do their damage by then, get out!!!

  27. Not only BLM but ANTIFA is just like the Nazis of WWII. How dare they say “anti”fa… they do not know any history in my opinion! I lived it!!!

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