Poll Question – Is BLM A Terrorist Organization?

Our latest email poll question asks our readers if they think BLM is a terrorist organization.

We recently wrote an article about how BLM complained that the Senate replacement for Kamala Harris from California was not “Black Enough”.

We had a lot of readers respond saying that BLM should be designated as a terrorist organization. It got us thinking. Maybe they are!

Not only that, we decided it was a great opportunity to hear from our readers directly with a new poll!

We did not know what  to expect, but the results are clearly in one direction.

Results below:

Maybe it is the rioting, looting, and tearing down of American statues that make people view them as a terrorist organization.

One thing is for sure, something needs to be done about it.

What do you think?

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  1. When I hear the word Democrat I immediately think of human traffickers and pedophiles. And I do hate to say that because the Democrat Party used to stand for the working man and the impoverished, which could be the working man if he lost his job and was out of work for a while. But today’s Democrats represent Big Tech, Corporations, Socialism and everything thats corrupt. They’ve become what they used to accuse the Republicans of being and I think thats fairly obvious to most Americans.

  2. AOC is not a socialist.. she is a communist and no.. she should not be in government. Nor should her cohorts of the tribe. these are horrible, treasonous women.. sick in their minds.

  3. ARREST THE LEFTIST SOCIALIST OLIGARCHS AS THEY POSE FOR A PHOTOSHOT AROUND PELOSI’S PODIUM. SHE IS A DEMENTED TREMORED WICKED OLD FOOL WHO NEEDS A FATAL KICK IN THE PANTS! I won’t comment about broken hip demise statistics, here. She’s 81, and eventually going down for the count. After a 7 year lovefest WITH JFK, her politically corrupt career took off. She, like other LEFTISTS, has milked AMERICAN taxpayers’ pockets FOR YEARS.

  4. Mr.Magoo, you can’t climb the stairs to AF 1, but you can sure cheat on American election. Should be ashamed of yourself. You are destroying our country.

  5. Deamoncrats have already done enough to totally destroyAmerica that is fine with these wicked evil beings.If we do not get these wicked evil ones out of our government there will d be nothing to save.

  6. This is not the United States of America. That third world VP is bringing World War 2 Japanese prisoners from that era has nothing to do with race. We were at war. We had monitors on the Germans too, but they went to South America and Brazil. The Japanese came here. I guest Kamala, you study your history you primitive bitch! That’s how you keep your own primitive race in the dark right? RIGHT!!!

  7. “HIDIN’ JOE BIDEN” is just a PUPPET for the DEMONRATS !! Even a 2 year old could walk all over him !!!

  8. It is a disgrace and also disgusting that the Democrats are letting these terrorists get away with everything………God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Some people seem to want to make a joke out of this, but I don’t think what’s happening to our country and what’s going on in our government is funny at all! For starters BLM and ANTIFA both are domestic terrorists without a doubt. The demonrats running our country are a demonic force to be reckoned with! They are destroying our country and if something isn’t done about them soon we will no longer recognize the United States for the great Nation it has been for centuries. They will own us and dictate every moment of our insignificant lives, and all because we did nothing to stop them when we had a chance. They’ve locked us down, taken our lively hoods, they’re working on removing our religious affiliations one by one, dictating where we can go and when, who we can see, how many people can come into our home if any, forcing us to take injections that aren’t properly tested, and the list goes on and on forever!!! Not only are they overrunning us with illegals, but they’re flying them all over the country and its already been verified that many are sick and many are criminals!!! And they are pouring all kinds of money into supporting them. Money that should have been going to American people for all that we’ve been forced to endure and for all that we’ve lost!!! People of America, we must stand together as one, and do something to fix our country and government!!!

  10. One way to get rid of the black TRASH matters is to have a monthly ” PURGE ” !!! Many of you will know what that is .

  11. One of the BLM leaders has threatened fire in the streets if the former police officer isn’t found guilty. That isn’t the way it works, they may find that their threat might end in Federal intervention.

  12. The people of color are being used, look at the founder has purchase several homes on the back of the people BLM was to serve. I head a number like several Million dollars shucks I’ve worked all of my life and can only afford on home with a value of two hundred thousand.

    • Well now that the Lord came down to Washington and told Biden, that the people of color are destined to be rulers of the world. We non people of color are only going to be allowed to stay on Earth to serve their populations 🤬😩

  13. I imagine that being a “socialist” should not necessarily be a blot on one’s choice! Socialism is considered one of the choices for people and shouldn’t mean a socialist should be banned from.anything!

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