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Pelosi Finally Put in Her Place

She has been getting away with this type of nonsense for too long. Finally, she was put in her place.

As we reported earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the quiet part out loud during her December 4th press conference about her newfound willingness to cut a deal on a smaller COVID relief package with Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

She snapped at reporters who asked about it at the time, stating that the impending availability of the vaccines as well as the media declaring Joe Biden the winner were “a total game-changer.”

“It’s what we had on our bills. It’s for a shorter period of time but that’s OK now because we have a new president,” Pelosi remarked. “A president that recognizes that we need to depend on science to stop the virus.”

In a nutshell, she had all but outright admitted that she wanted to wait until after the election when presumably Joe Biden would be declared the winner of the presidential race.

When CNN’s Manu Raju asked her at that same presser whether or not it was a “mistake” to not accept a smaller bill months ago when she had the chance, the House Speaker got snippy again, noting it was a calculated decision on her part to delay an agreement on the bill until after the election and that she was not ashamed of the decision.

Raju has continued since that time to be a pit bull in trying to get Pelosi to give more direct answers on the call she made to delay compromise on a COVID relief bill as well as the “sticking points” she has this time around, but she’s been continuously dodging him, even during her weekly press conferences where there are only five total reporters in attendance.

Here’s what he said about an attempt at questioning her back on the 10th:

This morning, Raju decided to take to the Twitter machine to call her out publicly for repeatedly ignoring his questions:

And to think we were all told by Democrats and even some journalists about how relations between Democrats and the media would be peachy keen again with no issues in the event Biden was declared the winner.

McConnell has been a proponent of a more targeted, smaller relief bill from the start. Pelosi never has. That said, Republicans in the Senate showed more of a willingness to compromise throughout this process leading up to the election than Pelosi did. The reasons why she did so were very clear at the time, even though she didn’t cop to them until after it was safer politically for her to do so.

As I’ve said before, Pelosi should not ever be let off the hook for the shameless stunt she and other House Democratic leaders pulled. How many Americans lost their jobs and homes because of the deliberate actions of House Democrats? How many starved, gave up hope, committed suicide? These are questions that will never get asked of her by members of our esteemed press because the reasons why they’d be asked would again expose that the real reason they did so is because they hoped it would hurt Trump at the ballot box and help Joe Biden.

I don’t have much use for most of the “reporters” at CNN, but I’ll give some props to Raju here for not letting Pelosi slide on her 180 on this bill. Wolf Blitzer also gave her the business about her stall tactics on the bill a couple of months ago, which just again proves the old adage about how even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Red State Pelosi Keeps Dodging Reporter’s Pointed COVID Relief Bill Questions, and He Finally Calls Her Out

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  1. I can’t believe people keep voting Pelosi into office. She is as crooked as the day is long. She needs to go and take the “Squad” and Schumer with her. None of them are worth anything and people are get ripped off!

  2. Yea right. If she were in her place she would be in jail along with the rest of Congress & the Senate. But no, they think they are putting us in our places–their little slaves. Both Republicans and Demoncrates could care less how they spend our money. If fine if they take from us & give to illegals, foreign and domestic enemies. This new budges is for the enemies. DOWN with them all.

  3. She is in with China like most of the Democrats and some Republicans.I wish someone would start checking these State races.Most of these Democrats lost and should be replaced by the ones who did win.Bye Bye Pelosi.

  4. I remember when Pelosi called Trumps $1000 tax cut “crumbs”. Now she is calling this $600 check “substantial “. I guess it all boils down to who is giving it.

  5. That piece of excrement, Alec Baldwin has finally crossed tge line. If the Secret Service and/or the FBI don’t arrest him for threatening the President of the United States, then they are in on the conspiracy against him.

  6. Pelosi is a partisan-idiot who really doesn’t care about the citizens of the U.S. Refusing a ‘Covid 19’ package worth twice as much as she is getting now, tells everyone how stupid that woman truly is.

  7. Funny….. Pelosi just doesn’t realize how Despised she really is by the American People……She Actually thinks she is the best thing, since “Ice Cream”….since she eats Million Dollar Ice Cream……HOWEVER – I really hate
    to burst her Stupid Clown Balloon/Bubble….But, that Ice Cream is AS STUPID AS SHE IS.!!!!! IF, Only Pelosi would “Melt” Away… ice cream.

  8. God will take care of Nancy P and we will be better off to seek God about this. Look in Matthew 3 or 4 for the answer. She made me suffer to wait for the money to pay my bill. She will not give 1000.00 as at this time I need it. I put her in the Father God hands. Jesus will help us if we turn to him. Rita Davis

  9. Our founding fathers didnt have the high levels of media and foreign influence like we the people have today. Nobody is going to do this for us. Hold your elected official accountable, Trump showed the people how its done. The only ones who cried about it were the deserving ones. Look them in the eye, that will tell you what kind of snake you have.

  10. And like any radical on the right is perfect, Moscow Mitch comes to mind selling out Kentucky for a pocket full of money from Russian oligarchs, oh I’m sorry you gullible fools look right past all that because your side has angles. What a Joke.

  11. Lezzzzseeee – She sez we need a president who beleives in science to stop the virus. Wellll, have her tell Pfizer, or Modena Or soon Johnson & Johnson, Face to Face, that they dont know diddly about science. Trump may or may not know science personally but knew enuf to turn to them to get vaccines. They are several ranking experts in stuff like this. Vaccines hey are coming out now. Pelosi opens her mouth ONLY for politics, spewing hatred for others along the way..

  12. I have survived this long without her stimulus that I think the very best use for it now is to donate it to the legal fund to stop the steal .

  13. Lezz seeee – Pelosi wont act unless Trump is gone – pure politics & disdain for PEOPLE. HHHMMMM. Then she sez we need a President who understands science to stop the virus. I cant rate Trump’s understanding of medicines/ vaccines. I can understand his turning to those that are experts in that stuff, FAR more than Pelosi is ( Golly gee !) such as Pfizer, or Moderna or soon Johnson & Johnson. I want to see her FACE to Face in front of them and explain to them that THEY dont understand science………

  14. IMO the reason Pelosi is doing these things is she believes she will become president when Biden is deemed incompetent. She will contend Harris is ineligible and the Speaker of the House is next in line. I see a cat fight in the White House.

  15. Oh my I was hoping she was arrested she should be in jail and when she ripped the papers behind Trump they should have arrested her right then

  16. Lezzz seee – Pelosi’s politics of non action as long as Trump is President, even at the expense of the citizenry. She sez that we need a President who understands science. I an SOOOO GLAD she understands science so well as to tower above Trump as to science. I rally want to see her stand face to face with Pfizer, or Moderna, or soon Johnson & Johnson & telling them they dont know science , vaccines etc. I dont care what Trump knows personally as to science. He turns to these others based on their credible standing on science, vaccines etc. Pelosi acts, or speaks in terms of politics and its hatred of others. I cant accept that intelligence allows room for these actions.

  17. Why don’t these people that was hurt over Nasty Nancy deliberate holding back money that isn’t out of her pocket with NO JUST REASON to show her POWER sewing her for damages, make HER, NOT TAXPAYER pay !!!!!

  18. Why do the people of California, keep electing this idiot? She is a waste of air and takes up to much space with no viable means of existence. SO PLEASE California, tell us, WHY DO YOU KEEP electing a fool????

  19. I want to know, why no one has done anything about Crooked Hillary, working with The New York ELECTORAL COLLEGE BROAD, since OCT,28 2020? This is how THE DEM”S BROUGH and FIXED the VOTERS! and YET no one has none NOTHING!

  20. if pelosi is at the congress this morning , running off at the mouth, and not on her way back home for good/ever and her offices under look down , then she was not put in her place, she needs to be REMOVED for her elected position which is most likely obtained thru VOTER/ELECTION FRAUD. she is a LOSER that the USA needs to lose.

  21. It seems to me that the extra 800 billion is possibly paying someone off. How much are they paying the Chinese to come to the Islands at the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico?

  22. i wish then Pelosi and shummer get fired they are deestroyng the US i don’t understand they all knew how stupide cheater liar and they vote for them

  23. Joyce you are so right she. Is in bed with China
    And getting paid for pleasures…like give me
    More places to get secrets from America!!!

  24. Her place is with a blindfold and a cigarette then 6 feet under. What she and the democrates sidekicks did was disabled Americans . Dishonoring our heritage , history , and religious beliefs . Their demonic possession is showing .

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