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Proof the Obama FBI Lied About Trump

The FBI was forced to release stunning proof that it lied about the President.

I know, I know, this is completely shocking and not at all expected.

Per The Federalist, newly declassified texts between the FBI’s finest, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page show that the FBI has been lying about the start of the Trump-Russia investigation. To this point, it’s been claimed that the probe began on July 31st, 2016. In the text in question, Strzok describes an already open counter intelligence probe into Trump and his “Russian connections” prior to that date.

Here’s the actual documentation.

So what were the FBI doing prior to the official start date of Crossfire Hurricane? It’s probable they were already surveilling the campaign in various ways long before that. There have been hints that the FBI were pursing Trump as early as the spring. That appears to be confirmed here given the probe obviously existed before the bureau claims it existed.

That leaves the question of what motivated such a move. There was no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians at any point, much less so early in the 2016 general election period before the infamous but meaningless Trump Tower meeting occurred . As has been shown many times via loads of texts and other evidence, all signs point to Strzok, Page, Comey, and others wanting to try to dig up dirt on Trump to handicap him in the off chance he won the election. When he shocked the world and did so, they kicked things into high here. To that extent, the announcing that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be charged was much more likely meant to provide cover. That it likely ended up hurting her was an unexpected development. All these people were sure she was going to win regardless.

Will we ever find out the true origins of this investigation, including the supposed predicate and timeframe? I’m skeptical we will given the obfuscation and open hostility from the FBI after being asked to answer those questions. FBI Dir. Christopher Wray has been the epitome of a company man, continually stone-walling in order to protect the bureau while refusing to truly punish those who did wrong. The only possible saving grace is the Durham investigation, which has now been protected via Durham’s appointment as a special counsel. Perhaps he can eventually get to the truth? Again, I’m skeptical.

These bureaucracies believe they operate above the democratic process. And can you blame them? They consistently get away with corruption while claiming the mantle of public service as a shield. No one ever gets held accountable for crimes a normal person would be charged and convicted over. You can’t lie to the FBI, but a member of the FBI can lie to the FBI. Laws are for little people.

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  1. Time for the Supreme Court to throw out the election results in “questionable” states and do a voter ID required revote. Let the military oversee everything as well as the press. We won’t have a recognizable country in four years.

  2. Never going to see that. The libturd demoRats and scumbag politions of the democommies party will lie like the scums they are.

  3. So now what happens is Hillary, Obama & the whole gang of crooks going to be charged with their crimes or does this get swept under the table like all the rest. We have Swalwell with China spy Nancy or the Dems won’t do anything about, voter fraud out of control & even the Supreme Court was to afraid to do anything, China tells the Democrats what to do & trying to run our country, several caught giving campaign money to family members, plus all the Governors, Mayors letting their states & cities be torn apart by rioters & BLM, then try to defund police??? Come on enough is enough I want to see the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept. etc. start doing more than just the Biden crime family, last time I checked there was a lot of people on the payroll for each one of these agencies, so lets start earning our money these are criminals that need to be brought to justice.

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