Tech Giant Hit With Crippling Lawsuit

Another tech giant was hit with a crippling lawsuit adding to its downfall.

This is the second new multi-state lawsuit that Google has faced this week, following close on the heels of Texas attorney general Ken Paxton’s announcement of a lawsuit aimed at Google’s anticompetitive practices in the digital ads market.

Together with the Justice Department’s antitrust case against Google, the company is now facing three competition-related lawsuits.

via Politico:

A coalition of 35 states plus Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico sued Google on Thursday over its alleged monopoly in online search, hitting the company with its third major antitrust complaint since late October.
The lawsuit, filed in Washington, D.C., federal court, accuses Google of favoring its own products in search results and taking other steps to disadvantage rivals and extend its monopoly in the online search industry.
The Justice Department made similar allegations in an antitrust suit it filed in the same court against Google on Oct. 20.

While all three complaints represent a significant broadside against Google’s market power, Texas AG Paxton’s lawsuit, which specifically takes aim at Google’s dominance of digital ads, may prove the most significant in curtailing the tech giant’s ability to punish political speech.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday:

If successful, Paxton’s lawsuit could hamper Google’s ability to arbitrarily punish websites by artificially manipulating the price of online ads.
Far-left Google employees have in the past sought to use the company’s dominance in digital ads to punish conservative media, in particular Breitbart News.
Leaked materials obtained by Breitbart News in 2018 revealed relentless agitation inside the company to blacklist Breitbart News from Google’s ad services.

Breitbart Tech will continue to report on the federal government and states taking on Google’s monopoly power.


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  1. It’s time to indict zuckerturd for election tampering and treason, convict him, sentence him, and have the government seize his company and dissolve it so all of the competitors can succeed.

  2. Their company censored so many people commenting on articles and current events that went against their political party preference, instead of allowing freedom of speech as was the media network created for they usurped their privilege by taking our freedom of speech. Had I known I wouldn’t have used these media sites at all but I did and on several occasions my comments were removed or most of them moderated and got to see one posted from certain articles. This one might be moderated too.

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