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Media Barred From Reporting on Biden Bombshell

The media gave a lot of pathetic reasons as to why they failed to cover what could be the biggest story of corruption in US history. It turns out, all of those reasons were false.

Pre-election, much of the media disregarded the Hunter Biden laptop story first published by the New York Post.

The reasoning, as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted on Thursday, was twofold: Some members of the media claimed the story was Russian disinformation while others doubted the authenticity of the documents.

These pushbacks came despite The Daily Caller News Foundation obtaining a full copy of Hunter’s alleged laptop in October and verifying the NY Post’s “smoking gun” email, which showed Hunter receiving correspondence from a Burisma executive about an introduction to then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2015.

Even after proving the email’s legitimacy, the fact that Hunter himself never denied the laptop was his and a lack of evidence indicating Russia’s involvement, the media remained largely silent. NPR called the news a distraction and declared that it wouldn’t waste readers time covering it, while Politico lauded a letter signed by over 50 former senior intelligence officials claiming the released emails had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The media’s censorship was helped along by Twitter, which blocked the spread of the story as well. For weeks, a concerted effort was made to squash the news as the election neared.

This week, the public learned that there is a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes, potential money laundering and his foreign ties, a report from Politico notes – and suddenly, the laptop story does not seem so far fetched for many news organizations.

“The Biden team has rejected some of the claims made in the Post articles, but has not disputed the authenticity of the files upon which they were based,” The New York Times reported in an article about the tax investigation on Wednesday.

Pre-election, as Greenwald noted, “there was a lot of information on the laptop about Hunter Biden’s exploitation of his father’s name to pursue dealings with this company which the probe is targeting, but Silicon Valley censored it & many were barred from reporting it.”

But now, with Biden slated to take office and an investigation into Hunter announced, the media no longer appears to be disregarding the NY Post’s laptop story, as it’s become clear that their reason for previously suppressing the news was wrong.

The Daily Caller Both Of The Media’s Reasons For Suppressing The Hunter Biden Story Turned Out To Be ‘False’

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  1. Why NPR? Do you think it was a waste of reader time? That not for you to decide! It our RIGHT to hear the TRUTH! And it our RIGHT to make that decision if we want to hear more! You fake news want to CONTROL what is true and what is a LIE! Nobody in NPR is worth listening to if they refuse to let the people Decide what they want to hear!

    • The sad thing is, the media doesn’t report the news anymore. They just make up stories and promote propaganda from the left and the communist party in this country. If the media ever started to just report the news again, then we might be able to start to actually learn what is really happening in the world and the country.

  2. Slo Joe Biden and the BIDEN FAMILY needs the be placed into the Nearest FEDERAL PRISON for LIFE with No Possible of PA

  3. Scary as hell that biden might get all of the State Secrets, will he just give them to the Chinese and the Russians whom he seems to be in bed with, or will he actually become the potus (GOD FORBID) then we will have the mattress back commie Harris as potus? Then is she actually legally able to be the potus as I understand it she is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

  4. If more proof of the media’s complicity with communist propaganda, just look at the fiction of the COVID-19 scam that has been perpetrated by the media and China. The fake hysteria and paranoia has been continuously yelled at the world to continue pushing the hysteria and paranoia on the world so that China can control the world financial market. In doing this, they will ultimately control the world if allowed to continue.

  5. NPR, which is funded by our tax dollars, has no business censoring or being the arbiters of what is newsworthy and what is not. NPR continues, with all the other lame street media, to use the old worn out “Russian Collusion” excuse (Hillary’s favorite excuse for any finger-pointing at her or Slick Willie). If NPR wants to continue getting OUR tax dollars (which they shouldn’t) they better straighten up and stop covering up for the deceitful lying left-wing socialist Democrats. I call on the US House of Representatives to stop giving funds to NPR who are nothing but cheerleaders for the socialists. There are plenty of other uses for the money that NPR steals from us.

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