Poll Results – Should President Trump Stop Democrats From Stealing the Election?

Should the President stop Democrats from stealing the election?

In our latest poll question, we asked our readers what they thought about Democrats stealing the election from President Trump.

Below are the results from our poll so far. The results are updated regularly but there is a clear and overwhelming majority of Americans who believe the President should NOT give up his fight.


These results do not surprise us!

We watched on election night as the President won state after state.

Then, all of the sudden, Democrats started finding votes in every nook and cranny of society. One of the batches was 100% for Biden!

Keep up the fight President Trump!

What do you think?

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  1. This Deranged B…. Witch is truly that one that needs to be INVESTIGATED for her Crooked Dealing with the TAXPAYERS MONEY. She her SCUM BAG $100,000.00 out of Campaign Fund
    to do with she Wishes. She gave Campaign Funds to husband for a CROOKED BANK Deal and heaven s knows what else she gave Campaign Funds away too.

  2. I do not consider President Trump’s request to be “extraordinary” when compared to the fiasco in Florida caused by a defeated Al Gore when he lost his run for the Presidency. I do not feel President Trump’s request “extraordinary” remembering how Hillary Clinton had Speaker of the House Pelosi and her den of minions in the House waste millions of taxpayer’s dollars seeking to prove Donald Trump used Russian collusion to defeat her in the 2016 Presidential race.

    Evidence has surfaced proving wide spread cheating occurred during the 2020 election and President Trump is perfectly within his rights as a standing President and citizen of the United States to challenge election results when evidence of voter tampering has occurred and many witnesses stating that hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots were found uncounted and wasted. One pollster stated that she saw suitcases of ballots pulled from secret places and the votes tallied after the counting had stopped for that day. If these are evident, one can but imagine how administrators, Hell-Bent on swaying the last election, used millions of fraudulent votes to elect their chosen candidates.

    We should expect opposition to President Trump’s inquiry into voter fraud from a party (Democrats) so vehemently opposed “Voter ID”. Keep pushing for the truth President Trump, many millions are behind you 100%!

  3. Biden has never been and never will be a President of America. He is an old sexual preditor in our White House. Please remove this non president now..Trump won in a landslide..We do not count fake votes…only the dems do that.

  4. It’s not that I’m any smarter or wiser than anyone else on this blog, However, I’ve been around a block or two in my nearly eighty-three years on this planet. I’ve witnessed many presidents come a go and served in the Army under a couple .Served under Kennedy during the Berlin crisis as a telegraph operator to help train our Army Rangers. When discharged I was employed by the Illinois Central Railroad as a Agent/telegraph operator. Old Willie Nelson sang about The City of New Orleans but that old train didn’t leave the station without me giving him his orders.. I’ll close with this, In all my years I’ve never seen my country so close to be taken away from us by the radical left. Well my friend, If I go down I’ll go down fighting and I’m sure you’ll do the same. God Bless America.

  5. Everyone that cannot get OANN in their area. Get a copy of the pillow guy and all the info showing it was THE CHINESE that screwed up our voter counts! The whole thing was full of info. The how it was done and address s of from their place to where it was to go in the States that were most important! Naturally none of the stations that were against trump would show it! OANN is family owned! Shows everything! And now it makes sense that they have been trying to bully him and his business! Wish I had a dvr and knew how to use it! The whole world would know and see the truth!

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