Poll Results – Should Socialists Like AOC Be Allowed in Congress?

We asked our readers what they thought about socialists like AOC and “The Squad” being allowed in Congress. Here are the results of that poll.

In our latest poll question, we asked our readers what they thought about letting Socialists like “The Squad” and AOC into Congress.

Below are the results from our poll so far. The results are updated regularly but there is a clear and overwhelming majority of Americans who believe Socialists should not be allowed in Congress.

These results do not surprise us!

America has a deep and proud history as a Capitalist society. It is what catapulted us from 13 small colonies to the largest economic and military might in the world. 


Socialism has destroyed every country it has ever infected. Venezuela is the latest example. Socialism breeds corruption and laziness from the population.

Nothing is free! We are proud our readers voted so strongly in favor of rejecting Socialism in favor of Capitalism!

What do you think?

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  1. They should never allow socialists to hold political office. Look at the mess they have made of things. Ban the DNC as well

  2. I had to vote yes on this survey. I think this dizzy bi**h really should not be there, but- The people f her area voted her into office. I personally would have voted against her If I lived in NY. On the other hand I’m kinda glad she got re-elected. This dingbat has saved me a fortune over the last two years. I haven’t had to pay to go to a Comedy Club at all during that time. All I’ve had to do is find out what kinda silly Sh*t she’s come up with that day, and I get my laughs for FREE!!!

  3. I really wish they’d get these idiots are AOC the squad yeah they’re is a squad all right yeah bunch of dug them idiots!! I just wanna know how the hell did they get elected??

  4. That’s what happened when refugees are settled in one area or District, they take over lower courts and start their own Law Enforcement an vote in refugees into judges, DA, attorneys, vote people who were born here by illegal parents. Obama, Clinton’s appointed judges. Cortez good example


    • Comrade CM if you like socialism so well why don’t you take your worthless democratic asked to events wayla Cuba or China were it is early communism and socialism you would be very happy stupid f**** like you need to get the h*** out of America and leave it alone

  5. The four “squid” and their fellow Democrats in Congress are unhappy people and troublemakers. They believe they were put on this earth to make everyone believe as they do or to make everyone’s lives miserable….and so far….they are doing a pretty good job of all of the above. For those who haven’t figured out why our country is in such a mess….they only need to look and listen to the garbled noise coming from the Congressional left and the radical media!!

  6. Donna. They get Elected by Idots listening to the lieing media. That needs to be shut down. CNN MSNBC. AND THE REST. GO TO YOUR DENTIST AND HAVE YOUR JAWS WIRED SHUT. LIEING BASTUREDS.

  7. You only need to look in the eyes of AOC and listen to her juvenile rambling to know there is nothing in her head worth listening to. Apparently the ones who voted for her weren’t looking or listening!!

  8. best president we ever had is now replaced by the worst and thangs are going down hill fast.

  9. The dems are running scared. That is why they rigged the election and put in a mentally handicapped politician and his handlers in key positions in the WH along with mattress back Kamala as VP. The dems ( commies) only chance of survival is to stay in control. If they get voted out of control then it will jail time for some.Term limits are needed .

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