Woman Who Rented U-Haul Full of Weapons in Louisville Has Ties to Soros

Louisville is a volatile situation in the wake of the Grand Jury decision not to pursue criminal charges against the police involved in Breonna Taylor’s death. This makes it worse.
Following the Breonna Taylor decision Wednesday afternoon, a U-Haul truck began handing out supplies to Antifa and BLM protestors.
But, where did the U-Haul come from, and what was inside?
The answers may shock you.
The U-Haul filled with shields, riot gear, signs and weapons was rented by a George Soros-connected “bail disruptor” by the name of Holly Zoller.
According to The Right Scoop, a U-Haul employee leaked the logs that show she was the one who rented the truck. The log shows that Zoller picked up the truck on Tuesday morning and was supposed to return it Wednesday morning.
But, she never did.

At the time of the photo, the status of Zoller’s reservation is “Late Not Returned.”
That late fee is going to hurt.
Zoller works for the “Bail Project,” an organization “designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system – one person at a time.” According to her bio on the project’s website, she is also the founding organizer of Louisville Books to Prisoners.
Now, what connection does Zoller have to Soros?
According to The Right Scoop, the Community Outreach Director Dolores Canales was a Soros Justice Fellow.
While there has yet to be a direct confirmation that Soros is funding the group, it is all too coincidental. There is a good chance that the billionaire investor and philanthropist is either directly or indirectly involved, but we will have to wait until the full truth comes out.
Sources: Sean Hannity: Caught Red Handed

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