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‘We Hope They [cops] Die’ – BLM Rioters Chant and Block Entrance to Hospital

BLM rioters blocked the entrance to the hospital emergency room in the hopes that the LA Sheriff’s Deputies who were ambushed and shot would die.
Black Lives Matter rioters did something so pathetic and so low on Saturday that I can’t accurately describe how pathetic it was. Two LA Sheriff’s Deputies were ambushed and shot in Compton, California during a BLM riot in the city.
As if the disgusting and cowardly ambush wasn’t bad enough, the rioters then blocked the emergency room entrance to the hospital while chanting “We hope they die!”.
“We hope they die!” – BLM rioters chant while blocking the emergency room entrance for two LA Sheriff’s Deputies shot in Compton, California.
If these BLM rioters want to burn down their own crime infested, poorly run, Democratic cities, so be it. Let them.
But to ambush two officers in the line of duty and THEN block the entrance to the emergency room while they fight for their lives is reprehensible. I have no words for the rioters that blocked the emergency room. They are subhuman. Despicable. Disgusting. There is no punishment harsh enough for these animals that chanted “we hope they die”, blocking the entrance to the emergency room, while two officers lay dying in the ambulance, waiting for lifesaving surgery.
The officers are now in critical condition and clinging to their lives. It is unclear if these heroes will survive or not.
I apologize if my anger is showing through in this article – it doesn’t happen often – but someone needs to make an example of these people. Every single person blocking the emergency room should be charged with attempted murder.
Denying someone from getting life saving treatment is the same as pulling the trigger.
I hope and pray the officers pull through. They are heroes in every sense of the word.

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