Tweet of the Week – 8.27.2020

Trump warns about dangers of Hurricane Laura.

Donald Trump on Wednesday warned about the dangers of Hurricane Laura while commending the efforts of local officials from Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
Texans from a corner of the state that expected to be hit hardest by Hurricane Laura assembled at Circuit of the Americas on a blazing Wednesday afternoon to see if they could receive shelter in an Austin hotel, courtesy of the city.
“I want to go home. It’s hot, and I miss my house,” said Tanyria Duhon, an 11-year-old from Port Arthur.
Hundreds lined up in vehicles at the race track. One man said he was scheduled to have heart surgery Wednesday before the hurricane canceled those plans. Another said they had slept in their car overnight. Whole families were piled into vehicles, pets included, reports the Austin American-Statesman, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.
Hurricane Laura roared ashore on the border of Texas and Louisiana as a Category 4 storm early Thursday, ripping apart buildings, severing power lines and clogging streets with debris as a dangerous storm surge trailed behind. Hundreds of thousands were without power.

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