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Trump moves to give Americans cash despite Democrats in Congress

Trump once again shows he is a man of the people and not of the D.C. Swamp. Americans need cash relief to help with the economic effects of the Chinese Virus. Trump proposes getting money in the hands of the people, but Democrats in Congress say no.
The White House is reportedly considering issuing a new round of executive actions amid dwindling hopes for a bipartisan coronavirus relief deal.
Trump administration officials have discussed efforts to unilaterally provide support for the beleaguered airline industry and bolster federal unemployment benefits, according to The Washington Post, citing two people aware of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Reports suggest the Trump plan would put as much as $2,000 directly into the pockets of Americans, bypassing Congressional Democrats who have repeatedly stopped any stimulus bill that did not fund their pet projects.
In their latest version of the bill, Democrats buried funding for Obamacare, Medicaid, and even mail in voting. President Trump has seen right through this ploy and has decided to go directly to the people. Why should our tax dollars go to saving the failure that is Obamacare?
President Trump does not care about pointless government bureaucracy when it hurts working Americans. This is why he is so popular among people who don’t follow the mainstream media like sheep.
Thankfully, Trump is calling the Democrats bluff and not agreeing to their “Coronavirus Bill” which is essentially a Socialist wish list.

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