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Trump Calls Democrats Bluff

The President flatly said ‘I am not going to waste my time’ when asked if he would participate in a virtual debate.
On Monday, Democrats said the 2nd Presidential Debate would happen virtually, as if the President would not have anything to say about it. He did have something to say about it, and he said it live on Fox News Monday Morning.
Let’s be clear, the President is calling Democrats bluff. He knows what everyone else knows. Even Democrats who hate him most agree. President Trump is the greatest politician ever at driving ratings.
Look at these side by side photos of a Trump rally and a Biden rally. Which event would you rather attend?
The President is a showman. He pulls ratings wherever he goes. Whether its through his book deals, his TV shows, or his press conferences, President Trump drives more interest than any other politician in the history of the United States, maybe the World.
He used this to his advantage in 2016. His performance during live debates showed America he was by far the better candidate than Crooked Hillary. He was able to show the country directly because the debates were live, and both he and Hillary were on the same stage. You could see the difference between a quick on his feet Trump and a cold, slow Hillary. If the debate had been virtual, it wouldn’t have had the same effect.
Fast-forward to 2020. The President is in prime position to win a second term. He is campaigning bravely through the Chinese Flu, while his opponent is hiding in his basement. The President holds rallies because he wants to speak directly to the American people, unfiltered by the Fake News mainstream media.
It’s no surprise Democrats want to stop the President from debating Sleepy Joe on the same debate stage. Did you see the last debate? The President had energy, was sharp, and forced Sleepy Joe into gaffe after gaffe. Compared to the President, Biden looked like a senile grandpa.
Don’t get me wrong, we all love our grandparents, we just don’t want them with their finger on the nuclear launch buttons.
Knowing all of this, the President decided to call the Democrats bluff and say he will not participate in a virtual debate. He KNOWS he is the one that pulls in the ratings. Not Sleepy Joe.
The debate is boring and pointless without President Trump involved. Everyone knows it. Trump wants to make sure the debate happens on his terms, or not at all. It is a smart, savvy, political move. The kind of move that won him the 2016 election, and will hopefully lead to a 2020 encore.

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