Should President Trump Stop Democrats From Stealing This Election?

On election night, President Trump was winning. All the sudden, in mostly Democrat run states, they started “finding” more and more ballots. Should President Trump put an end to this?
We are all in favor of free and fair elections. That is what America was built on. It is written into our Constitution and many brave Veterans have given their lives to protect our right to vote.
What we don’t want is for Democrats to interfere with a free and fair election by “finding” votes

This led us to asking our readers a question:

Should President Trump Stop Democrats From Stealing the Election?
Over 350,000 people have already participated in this poll in the last 24 hours. We expect it to reach 1M in the next 48 hours. We doubt the results of this poll will flip anytime soon. The majority has spoken, and it’s clear they want President Trump to do everything in his power to stop Democrats from stealing the election.
91.2% of people have voted they want the President to step in and make sure Democrats can’t steal the election. Whether that is in court or by stopping invalid votes from being counted, they want the most basic American right – the right to vote – to be protected.
Thank you for participating in our poll!
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