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President Trump’s Triumphant Return to the White House Terrifies Democrats

President Trump defeated COVID faster than even his doctors thought he would. Instead of sitting in a hospital bed, he made a gave the nation an image of what a strong leader looks like.
Trump made an epic return to the White House over the weekend. After his initial COVID diagnosis, Republicans were rightfully concerned with the President’s health. He was transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center where he received the best medical care the world has to offer.
Democrats, instead of wishing the President well, wished him ill. Some people, like the former spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign, wished the President would die. Yup. That’s right. Democrats wished the President of the United States of America would die. They seem to forget the word UNITED in the word United States.
That’s why, this image, this beautiful image of the President triumphantly returning to the White House is so beautiful. This image will be enshrined in history books for years to come. It tells a story.

President Trump returned to the White House just days after contracting COVID-19. He has pledged to continue to work for the American people and campaign despite how it may effect his personal health.

What story does it tell? It tells a few different stories actually. Each of them beautiful.

1) The President is BACK

Look at the above image again. The President, flanked by American flags on both sides, thumbs up, assuring the nation, and our enemies, that he is back in control. That is great news for America.
He was working tirelessly at Walter Reed Medical Center, but there is something different about having our captain back at the helm in The White House. That makes a statement that Bunker Biden could never make.

2) Democrats are terrified about this image and what it means for them

Democrats were hoping Trump would stay at Walter Reed and be unable to campaign for the 2020 Presidential election. They know they are running a comatose, 78 year old Joe Biden and the more he is forced to debate and campaign, the more likely people realize he is the wrong choice for 2020. He was the wrong choice for the last 40 years, definitely the wrong choice now!
So this image sends fear up and down the spines of all the Democrats who had a dream of Biden being able to win the Presidency hiding in his bunker. When we look at that picture, it shows Trump means business. And he is coming for Democrats.

3) COVID can be beaten and does not have to control our lives

The president tweeted as much when he got back to the White House.
He has lived through COVID. He understands the symptoms and pain it causes. But he also knows it can’t control your life. You can’t hide and change your habits out of fear for the disease.
Democrats want to shutdown the economy, schools, and the American way of life. The President is living proof if you let the virus control you, you have already lost.
We are glad the President is healthy again. And we are ecstatic he decided to show our country’s enemies that America is strong. We do not run from a fight. We run to it!

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