President Trump Seals Black Vote

The President’s case is strong, straightforward, and could be the reason he wins on Tuesday night. His op-ed is a must read.
As Election Day draws near, President Donald Trump is seeking the votes of a broad constituency of persons from all walks of life who support American First economic populism which created a booming, pre-COVID economy. Like no other Republican in recent memory, however, his outreach to the African-American community, which traditionally votes Democrat in overwhelming proportions, is far-reaching. Polling data, if accurate, suggests that the president is making substantial inroads in this community.
In an Op-Ed containing his message to Black America, President Trump drew a sharp distinction between his administration’s accomplishments as opposed to all talk, no action, no accountability establishment Democrats like Joe Biden.
“In 2016, I had a straightforward question for Black Americans: ‘What do you have to lose?’ Black Americans don’t have to ask what they have to lose in 2020. Instead, the question should now be, ‘how much more do we have to gain?’ As your President, I’ve done more for the Black community than Democrats like Joe Biden have done in 47 years, and we are going to do so much more…I knew that I could do more for Black America than the Democrat Party has ever done because I am about action. In fact, it’s the Democrats who exploit the sympathies and trust of Black Americans with false promises and empty rhetoric…”

Trump’s essay provided a summary of an already-implemented policy agenda that includes criminal justice and prison reform such as the First Step Act that reversed the mass incarceration implemented in the Bill Clinton administration in the 1994 Crime Bill that Joe Biden voted for, opportunity zones created by the 2017 GOP tax cuts bill, permanent funding for historically black colleges, record (pre-coronavirus) employment rates, and support for school choice that allows kids to escape failing inner-city educational institutions.
“The unemployment and poverty rates for Black Americans hit record lows just before we were attacked by the China Virus. Wages are now growing faster than they have in over a decade, especially for blue-collar workers,” the GOP president explained.
Trump recently unveiled an initiative called the Platinum Plan, which includes a massive economic investment in black communities, a plan formulated, in part, with Ice Cube, the rapper/actor, which prompted Lil Wayne, another prominent hip-hop artist, to hop on the Trump Train.
“I’ve committed to adding 3 million new jobs for the Black community, creating 500,000 new Black-owned businesses and increasing access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 Billion to create an era of new prosperity and to finally close the wealth gap,” President Trump vowed.

The president particularly underscored that Democrat politicians preside over most of America’s economically challenged urban centers.

“In Black communities across the nation, there’s been a reckoning to the reality that the Democrats have failed them for generations. D.C. Democrats are happy to leave urban communities mired with failing schools, no jobs and lost hope while wasting time and taxpayer money on baseless and partisan politics. The truth is this: Democrats despise my America First agenda because it broke up their taxpayer-funded gravy train that enriched their friends and families, shipped jobs overseas, supported illegal immigrants and continued endless wars while leaving Black American families high and dry.

“I will continue to work with any and all Americans who want to Make America Great Again by bringing back American jobs, improving our schools, building safer and more prosperous communities and reuniting families through meaningful justice reforms.”
Democrat elected officials such as Georgia state rep. Vernon Jones and Flint, Mich., councilman Maurice Davis, among others, have crossed the aisle to support Trump.

“When I promised to stand for the forgotten men and women of this country—whether they live in Chicago or Charlotte, Detroit or Dubuque, or if they are black or white—I meant it. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. So, I ask you to examine my record and consider voting for me to continue to fight for you, as your President, for four more years,” President Trump concluded.


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