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President Trump Issues Scathing Response to NYT Tax Story

President Trump issued a response to the NYT Fake News story about his taxes.
Another hit piece from the fakest of all fake news mainstream media companies, the New York Times, was published Sunday. This time, they were making false or misleading claims about President Trump’s tax returns.
The NYT story claims that President Trump paid only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. They also allege he has over $300 million in debt coming due over the next 18 months.
“Totally fake news… made up” – President Trump
Although their reporting is riddled with problems, that didn’t stop Twitter, the left-wing media, and even some right-wing outlets like Fox News, writing all sorts of stories smearing the President as a tax cheat.
There are hundreds of hot takes out there on the internet. We are here to cut through the mob mentality and address a few of the more popular hot takes calmly and fairly.
The 3 Biggest Issues with the NYT Story and People’s Reactions
1) The New York Times claims President Trump is a tax cheat for only paying $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017
This is a hot take running rampant on the left. There is just one huge problem with this catchy headline. It isn’t true! President Trump addressed the exact number in a press conference late Sunday.
Trump said the story was “totally fake news” and “made up”.
Trump continued to address the made up story in a series of tweets early this morning.



Overall, we believe the billionaire here, not the failing New York Times.
2) The documents claim Trump did something wrong to pay less in taxes, but his experts just followed the US tax code
The American tax code is a disaster. This is why President Trump wanted to overhaul the system so you could fill out your taxes on a simple postcard.
To navigate this impossible tax code, Trump hired teams of lawyers and accountants to make sure he was paying what he owed. Those experts looked at the US tax code, looked at the President’s finances, and determined this is what he should pay.
Trump never instructed these experts to do anything illegal. All he did was hire them and tell them to do their job, which they did. It is not any one person’s fault that the Democrats have created an insanely complicated tax code. They do this so they can make everyone else pay a ton in taxes to fund their pet projects.
To blame President Trump because his hired experts told him to pay what he owed is laughable. It is not his fault that “what he owed” was less than what people think it should be. If you have a problem with that, look at the Democrats. Vote them out, and bring in Republicans who will fix the US tax code once and for all.
3) The documents show Trump is not a Billionaire
This is the most insane of all the takes floating around from the left-wing media. Even though we dispute the ILLEGALLY obtained information accurate, if it were, it would show Trump is a billionaire!
He made hundreds of millions of dollars on The Apprentice, owns over 20 luxury properties, and is the President of the United States of America! The richest, strongest country in the world!
Unless you think Trump tower is only worth a few hundred thousand, and Mar a Lago – which has membership fees over a hundred thousand dollars – is worth nothing, then these tax documents would prove Trump is a billionaire.
Overall Conclusions
Our overall conclusions are this story is riddled with flaws that was intended to whip up clicks from the rabid left. The documents were obtained illegally, they were paraphrased, and not even accurate.
We want everyone to pay their fair share in taxes. But in this case the President did nothing wrong. We are a few days away from the NYT being forced to retract their story for one reason or another.
It is a common mainstream media trick. Put out a crazy headline on thin, anonymous sources, and then quietly retract the story or make a correction.
We see right through it. And you should too.

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