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President Trump Has Huge Florida Poll, Gaining Fast in Georgia, Iowa

Trump had his best poll ever in Florida showing a 4 point lead over Biden. The polls show a virtual tie between Trump and Biden in Georgia and Iowa, but polling bias against Trump and his silent majority make him the front runner.
President Trump has been racing up the polls lately. His base is energized by the prospects of appointing another Supreme Court Justice, the 3rd of his term.
Even in states where he was lagging behind, he has started to pull level and even over take “Creepy Joe” in important swing states.
The latest poll in Florida shows Trump with a whopping 4 point lead in the swing state he carried in 2016. If he wins Florida, he is all but assured to win the election.
President Trump was polling poorly in both Georgia and Iowa. These two important swing states could very easily turn the tide of the election.
New polls released six weeks before the November election in two states President Trump won in his 2016 White House victory, indicate that the race is currently deadlocked between the president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
However, a tie in these states is great news for President Trump. Polls are consistently biased against the President. Just look at 2016!
Not only that, he is supported by a silent majority that will show up and vote for him across the country. These people are not counted in traditional, liberal polls. Again, just look at 2016!
After being down by more than 6 percent in Iowa, Creepy Joe and President Trump are tied at 47% among likely voters in Iowa according to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll released on Tuesday. Four percent of those questioned in the public opinion survey said they would vote for someone else, and three percent were unsure.
An average of all of the most recent public opinion polls in Iowa compiled by Real Clear Politics indicates the president with a slight 1.4 percentage point edge over Biden. President Barack Obama carried Iowa in the 2008 and 2012 elections, but Trump flipped it from blue to red four years ago, topping 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by 9 points.
Georgia – a red state for a couple of decades – tightened in the 2016 election, when Trump captured the state’s 16 electoral votes by just five points. An average of the latest public opinion surveys in Georgia compiled by Real Clear Politics indicates the president with a 1.3-point edge over Biden.
We know these polls are biased towards the liberal candidates. And we also know President Trump enjoys a significant bump against his polling numbers from a silent majority.
A huge lead in Florida and a tie in Georgia and Iowa at this point is almost a guaranteed victory on election day for Trump.
For the sake of America, let’s hope that remains true.
Sources: Fox News: Biden and Trump Polls

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