Poll Results 9.28 – Should President Trump nominate a SCOTUS Justice?

This majority of users polled decided that President Trump should nominate a Supreme Court Justice. It is his Constitutional duty to do so.
In our weekly poll starting on September 21st, 2020, we asked our readers whether or not President Trump should nominate a Supreme Court Justice .
This poll was closer than last weeks poll where we asked our readers if they supported our police officers, but it was still a substantial “Yes” vote in favor of nominating a Supreme Court Justice. The results were about 65% to 35% to the affirmative.
This week, we were able to reach out to some individuals who voted and hear what they had to say about how they voted in the poll and why. Here are a few quotes that were representative of some of the themes we picked up on.
Brian L. from Nashville, Tennessee noted the President’s Constitutional duty when he was polled.
“I think the President has a Constitutional duty to nominate someone for the open seat. Why wouldn’t he? That is what we elected him to do.” – Brian L., Nashville, Tennessee
Bridget G. of San Jose, California said she wanted Congress to act consistently with the nomination process. Although we will note, the question was should President Trump nominate someone. Bringing up the Senate’s actions years ago seems out of place.
“When Obama nominated Merrick Garland 9 months before the election, the Senate didn’t even give him a hearing. Now they are ramming through a nomination in 6 weeks? That is unfair.” – Bridget G., San Jose, California
And finally Reed D. from Massapequa, New York said he didn’t care about any of the politics, he is just happy to finally have a Conservative court.
“I have lived through liberal court after liberal court. Now we can get America back on the right track.” – Reed D., Massapequa, New York
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