Poll Results 10.4 – Should Joe Biden Take a Drug Test?

Over 200,000 Republicans and 75,000 Democrats participated in last weeks poll question. It looks like most people want to know what Sleepy Joe is on!
In our weekly poll starting on September 28th, 2020, we asked our readers whether or not Joe Biden should take a drug test.
This poll was extremely popular getting over 275,000 votes! We thought the vote would be split. Republicans would of course want Sleepy Joe to take a drug test, and Democrats would defend their last hope to defeat President Trump (although after the first debate that seems unlikely).
The results surprised us! And were frankly hilarious. EVERYONE wants to know what Joe is on. Democrats. Republicans. Everyone.
Hopefully we get a drug test soon. Our money is on some type of stimulant to help you stay awake and focus. Sleepy Joe was so against taking a drug test it makes you wonder what he is hiding…

What do you think?


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