Peter Navarro Makes Head Turning Statement

During an interview Peter Navarro made a bold – and true – statement.
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro turned heads Friday when he said the administration staff was proceeding as though President Donald Trump will be around for a second term.
In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Navarro made his statement in the context of executive actions the president took this week to improve national security, including barring American companies from doing business with Chinese firms known or suspected to have ties to that country’s military.
Bartiromo asked Navarro if he believed those executive orders would be maintained by Democratic rival Joe Biden, whom the media has declared “president-elect.”
“We’re moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said. “I think it’s really important before people’s heads explode here to understand that what we seek here is verifiable ballots, certifiable ballots, and an investigation into what are growing numbers of allegations of fraud under signed affidavits by witnesses.”

“My own view, looking at this election, we have what appears in some sense to be, an immaculate deception,” he continued.
“If you look statistically at what happened, clearly the president won this election, was leading on Election Day, and then after Election Day somehow in these key battleground states they got just enough votes to catch up to the president,” Navarro said.
“What we need to do is go through the process as we did in Bush v. Gore  in 2000 and see where we get. So, until we do that, our assumption is the second Trump term, we think he won that election, and any speculation about what Joe Biden might do I think is moot at this point,” he added.
Meanwhile, in an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Byron York that was published Friday, President Trump expressed confidence that regardless of what the media has projected, he would win enough states to secure the required 270 electoral votes.
“We’re going to win Wisconsin,” Trump began. “Arizona — it’ll be down to 8,000 votes, and if we can do an audit of the millions of votes, we’ll find 8,000 votes easy. If we can do an audit, we’ll be in good shape there.”
The Associated Press called Arizona for Biden Thursday. Cindy McCain, wife of the late Sen. John McCain, urged Arizonans and the country to accept the result.
The president then went through other states he thinks will ultimately be in his ‘win’ column.
“Georgia, we’re going to win because now, we’re down to about 10,000, 11,000 votes, and we have hand-counting” — a reference to the upcoming recount and ballot audit.
“Hand-counting is the best. To do a spin of the machine doesn’t mean anything. You pick up 10 votes. But when you hand-count — I think we’re going to win Georgia.”
He also said he believes eventually he will win either Michigan or Pennsylvania, though he’s behind by tens of thousands of votes in both (more in the former.)
The president also said he considered that he might have lost, but only briefly.
“I’m a guy who realizes — five days ago, I thought, ‘Maybe,’” he told York. “But, now I see evidence, and we have hundreds of affidavits” from poll workers alleging fraud.
When asked how long he thought the legal processes would take, Trump said, “I don’t know. It’s probably two weeks, three weeks.”
Finally, in pushback to those who have claimed it’s over and he should concede, the president said: “Never bet against me.”

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