Pelosi’s Thinks Trump in the Hospital Means a Democratic Free-for-all

Nancy Pelosi, a woman with zero class, was caught prematurely celebrating Trump’s demise. She thinks it will help get Democrats what they want.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted to President Trump’s positive diagnosis with the coronavirus in standard Nancy Pelosi style. She said, as she frequently does, that she prays for President Trump every day and the news brought an extension of those prayers for his health and well-being. Pelosi hopes this will be a teachable moment for the country. The message is that the bad Orange Man didn’t protect himself and now he has the virus.
What has been the most striking of Pelosi’s remarks so far is her virtue-signaling over masks. One of the Never Trump hosts on CNN tweeted out Pelosi’s message that this should be a lesson that people must wear face masks.
And this one from a Democratic activist:
Talk about a ballsy declaration by Speaker Nancy. Does she think we’ve forgotten salongate? We have not. She sashayed around a hair salon without a mask on her face – a salon that was supposed to be closed at the time due to the lockdown in California, by the way – and when she was caught she said she couldn’t be expected to wear a mask while she got her hair shampooed.
That was nonsense, of course, if she is seriously demanding everyone wear a mask all the time. The logistics of a woman getting her hair shampooed at a salon would have allowed her to wear a mask. She would have leaned back, not forward.
This should put the nail in the coffin, once and for all, which political party lacks decorum, decency, and class. It obviously is not the party of Pelosi.
Also of note, when Pelosi addresses the press, she removes her mask. Her mask hangs around her neck, like a scarf. If she is so concerned about the diligence of others wearing a mask, shouldn’t she lead by example? And, who can forget her little pied piper parade in Chinatown, encouraging her entourage of followers to join her in eating in that part of San Francisco? She was maskless back then, too. Her history of masks is hardly stellar.
She was late to the party in enforcing mask-wearing in Congress, too, both on the floor of the House and in committee meetings. Masks are for the little people unless there is some virtue-signaling to be done.
Here’s the thing – President Trump and Melania likely were exposed to the virus by Hope Hicks. She’s a mask-wearing person. To unequivocally say that wearing a mask protects a person from the virus is wrong. It’s a method of mitigation but it’s not a sure method of protection. I’m a mask-wearing person but I don’t think it completely protects me from exposure to the virus. It’s a tool, not a bulletproof solution.
This is a highly contagious virus, even people who follow all the guidelines have gotten it. Trump’s a well-known germophobe. He tries to social distance and I’m sure he frequently washes his hands.
Pelosi took a COVID test this morning out of “an abundance of caution.” She spent 90 minutes with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin on Wednesday. He has tested negative.
Pelosi also had the nerve to talk about the coronavirus spending bill in Congress. Ignoring that it is Democrats and herself that has been holding up progress all along, she now boasts of what is in the bill.
The California Democrat also spoke about the new $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill the House passed on Thursday evening, and that talks were underway with the Trump administration.
“Let’s understand the diagnosis that our country has had at the highest level — and recognize that every life, every diagnosis, is important,” Pelosi said. “Having the treatment is very important. We’re glad the president has it. We want it for everyone. That’s in our bill.”
CNN commentators are busy dragging the White House for a lack of transparency over President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Democrats like Pelosi are trying to use his diagnosis to ram through their socialist policies.
This should put the nail in the coffin, once and for all, which political party lacks decorum, decency, and class. It obviously is not the party of Pelosi.
Sources: Hot Air: Pelosi and Trump

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