Opinion – Florida School District’s Pro-BLM Cartoon Angers Parents

Teaching these types of controversial – and often untrue – topics in schools make our society dangerous and unstable.
Do you want your first grade daughter coming home telling you that its important to defund the police? How about your middle schooler telling you they are ashamed of being White?
Sarasota County School District decided this is exactly the type of thing they should be teaching when they allowed a controversial – and at times false – video be showed to students in their school district.
As a parent, I want the right to raise my kids how I see fit. I don’t need the left-wing, federal government to tell my children that they should be ashamed of being white or we should defund the police. I want my child to learn to read, write, do math, and become a good citizen of the United States.
It saddens me schools feel they need to introduce this type of subject matter to kids. Even worse, they teach it in a way that radicalizes them at a young age. Radicalizing our youth will lead to even worse situations than we see now. A lawless generation that thinks its ok to burn down their neighborhood because they are not getting their way.
No thank you Sarasota County School District. I prefer my kids to get an education, not propaganda.

The controversial video, which was meant to be played for Florida students, is 9 minutes long and purports BLM propaganda.

This opinion piece was written by an author who wishes to remain anonymous

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