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NFL Proposal is Affirmative Action on Steroids

The NFL’s rule is reverse racism. It gives teams better draft picks for hiring minority coaches and GMs.
The NFL’s “Diversity Committee” submitted a proposal that would improve the draft position of teams that hire minority candidates as head coaches or general managers. Let that sink in. If a team hires a minority head coach or GM, it will give them an advantage against teams who simply hire the most qualified candidate regardless of race. Just what America needs! More affirmative action!

I love football. Well, I used to love it. It was America’s game. Warriors leaving it on the field. My personal hero, Pat Tillman, left a lucrative NFL career to serve his country in 2002 after 9/11. That is true leadership and sacrifice. Pat Tillman died serving our country so we could continue living in a country that rewarded hard work and dedication.
Then came Colin Kaepernick… The NFL looked the other way while he desecrated the same flag Pat Tillman, and hundreds of thousands other veterans, died defending. Kaepernick was finally run out of the league because he was not good. Thankfully, this rule was not around when he was being a baby respectfully kneeling during the National Anthem. If it were, some team would have made him their GM just to improve their draft position.
This is what happens when you give a Diversity Committee power. They find racism everywhere they can because if they didn’t, they would all be out of jobs without anything to complain about.
I have an idea. The players in the league are 70% African American. To promote more “diversity”, when a white player scores, it should be worth 20 points instead of 6. Or maybe it should be worth 30? 40?
What’s that you say? “Diversity” does not actually mean diversity? Oh, got it. Diversity in America is just a nicer way of saying “not white”. No one cares that the players in the league are only 20% white.
And you know what? That’s a good thing. They SHOULD NOT care. Because the best players are on the field. I don’t think there is some grand conspiracy keeping white players off the field. And I don’t think qualified minority coaches or GMs are being shut out because their race.
Think of this another way. Could you imagine working your whole life trying to become a head coach or a GM? You finally get your shot. You interview with the Dallas Cowboys. America’s team.
Jerry Jones calls you and says “Congratulations! You are the next head coach of the Cowboys!”
“Thank you, Mr. Jones!” Your life’s work is fulfilled! “I am glad you thought I was the best candidate. It was a tough interview.”
“Oh, you were not the best candidate.” He replies. “We liked a few people better than you. But they were white, and we really need a minority head coach so we can move up in the draft this year to grab an offensive lineman.”
It would diminish your achievement. And if good ole Mr. Jones didn’t flat out say it, everyone would know it was true anyways.
Affirmative action is a horribly misguided approach to solving perceived diversity issues in America. The NFL Diversity Committee’s proposal is affirmative action on steroids. The NFL needs to get back to the days of supporting heroes like Pat Tillman and away from the nightmare of traitors like Colin Kaepernick.

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