Louisville is About to Explode

The Grand Jury decided against criminal charges in the Breonna Taylor case.
Now that the Grand Jury has provided their decision – only one indictment, non-criminal, against one officer in the Breonna Taylor case – Louisville is ready to explode over the weekend. As Matt Vespa pointed out at Townhall, this has everyone in the city on edge.
The precautions taken by the Louisville Police Department told us what the grand jury was going to decide, and the mob mentality people of Louisville were not going to like it.
Precautions included having every available police officer on standby, cancelling any and all time off requests for the police, and boarding up the windows on government buildings.
The New York Post reports that a state of emergency has been declared across the city and the municipal government is preparing for the worst. They have reason to believe that things will probably go to you-know-where in a handbasket.
Louisville is about to be invaded by crazed, Democrat “Black Lives Matter” hooligans ready to burn the city down instead of peacefully protesting.
Will charges against one of the officers satisfy the mob? Have you seen BLM these days? The answer, clearly, is no.
As mentioned above, all time-off has been canceled for the police in anticipation of the weekend, when people will pour into the city looking to riot. Barriers are being staged around the downtown area and the city has already boarded up all the windows at the federal courthouse, a likely target if riots break out anew.
While the mob was hoping for a criminal indictment, the facts of the case, and the cities precautions, told us one was not coming.
The body cam footage was shaky, dark, and hard to tell exactly what happened that fateful night. The police were surprised by Taylor’s boyfriend, and it was not clear from the footage whether or not he had a gun. Murder is likely out of the question based on this alone.
The real question is how the public will react. Will charges against only one of the officers satisfy the mob and prevent widespread riots or will they demand the heads of all three of them? Have you seen BLM these days? The answer is clearly no.
With the weekend looming, our advice is avoid downtown Louisville at all costs. If you live in a big city, avoid the downtown areas. And if you have a business in those areas, board it up, protect it, and lock the doors.

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