EXCLUSIVE – Did Jacob Blake Have a Knife Before Shooting?

While the mainstream media is pushing a narrative of senseless police violence, evidence is coming to light that Blake may have had a knife during the altercation
The mainstream media is pushing one of its favorite narratives as fast as they can in the wake of the Kenosha PD shooting involving Jacob Blake. We have seen this before. A hundred times. The police shoot someone who happened to be unarmed, and the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and NPR all rush to vilify the men in blue without waiting for the facts of the altercation to come out.
Does “Hands up Don’t Shoot” sound familiar? Michael Brown was allegedly sitting on the ground with his hands in the air yelling “don’t shoot!”. Unfortunately for the mainstream media, this was a lie.
You would think they learned their lesson, but here we are again. The story being pushed on social media is the police were completely unjustified. They never tried to intervene with non-lethal methods, they did not follow their training, and they ended up shooting an unarmed man.
Video evidence suggests some – if not all – of these statements are false.
In this article, Jacob Blake was ordered to “drop the knife” multiple times. It is confirmed in the tweet below.

When you slow down the video footage and enhance the image, you can clearly see something in Blake’s left hand. From the officer’s perspective, who was shouting to “drop the knife”, it is clear they thought Blake was wielding a dangerous weapon. From this image, it actually appears he was carrying a knife.

We don’t have the full details yet. Was Blake carrying a knife? Was he ordered to drop it by police? Did they try non-lethal forms of detainment before deciding the situation was too dangerous? These questions are imperative to know whether or not this was a justified police shooting or murder.
One thing is certain. The media should not be so quick to judge the actions of our police officers. You would think having been wrong so many times in the past would deter them from jumping to conclusions. But if you think that, you don’t know the mainstream media.

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