CNN’s Chris Cuomo Mocks Trump’s Return to the White House

CNN’s Chris Cuomo mocked Trump’s return to the White House in a disgusting display highlighting his Trump obsession to drive ratings.
If there is anyone who shouldn’t be trying to preach to President Donald Trump about proper response to the Wuhan coronavirus, it’s CNN’s Chris Cuomo.
Now you would think that most Americans would be concerned about the president’s well-being. Not so much a lot of the media who seemed, if anything, to step up their attacks on the the president.
After the president returned to the White House last night, Cuomo went off saying he refused to show the “propaganda video” of Trump returning home. He claimed to be incensed that that the president removed his mask when he got home to his own house and not near anyone.
Imagine this is what CNN is pushing as “news” as though this is objective “reporting.” This is flat out campaigning for Joe Biden and they should give the Trump team equal time. But I suppose if they honestly gave equal time for all the times CNN has been campaigning for Biden the Trump campaign would be on CNN from now until eternity.
So Trump isn’t allowed to take off his mask in his own home. But it’s cool when Chris Cuomo actually breaks quarantine, is caught outside with members of his family allegedly at another property they own in another town by a cyclist with whom he had a verbal altercation. Then days later, stages a fake “coming out of quarantine” video for the CNN audience as though he hadn’t already been out of the basement. Talk about “propaganda” and lack of credibility!
Twitter, in true Twitter fashion, was quick to point out Cuomo’s not so surprising hypocrisy.
This is also the same guy who CNN has had interviewing his own brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo and pumping him up as a hero for his response to the virus in New York, not asking critical questions about the nursing home scandal in which the governor is embroiled and how thousands of nursing home patients died after the governor’s order requiring the nursing homes to take virus patients.
Not to mention apparently swearing is okay on CNN too when it’s directed at the president.
Sources: Red State: Cuomo Hypocrisy

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