CBS Steals Photo of Trump Rally, Claims it is a Biden Event

In one of the more blatant acts of #fakenews, CBS has taken a photo from Latinos for Trump in Phoenix and used the image to promote the Biden Campaign
Ever since President Trump was elected in 2016, the #fakenews media has been trying to undermine his Presidency. They claim journalistic integrity, and their adherence to the truth, but time and time again they prove they care more about the left-wing, socialist agenda than journalistic integrity.
CBS, as left as it comes, stole an image from a Latinos for Trump rally and used it as an image from a Biden rally in Florida.

As you could imagine, Twitter had a field day with this one. We picked three of our favorites:
3. This is all of us

2. I would steal photos too if this was my Latino support…
1. Even Biden’s Rally’s are full of Trump Supporters

What do you think?


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