CBS Covers Biden Sexual Assault Allegations in Australia… not America

In one of the most disgusting displays of the mainstream media cover-up for Sleepy Joe, 60 Minutes decided that credible allegations of Biden’s Sexual Assault was news in Australia, but not the United States.
We are constantly lowering the bar for the mainstream media. No matter how far we lower the bar, things always get worse faster than we can lower our standards.
60 Minutes used to be the gold standard of journalistic integrity. It uncovered a HUGE story about credible sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. It aired this special interview with Tara Reade – who claimed she was sexually by Biden in the early 1990s when she worked in his Senate office – in the United States fully exposing Biden’s wrongdoing and letting the American public know about it before they vote on November 3rd.
Wait. Hold on. Getting a correction from our editors. They didn’t air the segment in America? They aired it in… Australia?!?
Let me get this straight. 60 Minutes uncovered a huge story, scored the exclusive interview for that story, then buried it in Australian viewing markets so Australians could make an informed decision when they vote? NO! SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!
This was buried away from American view to protect Biden.
Luckily, Ted Cruz figured it out.
Reade explained during her emotional interview why she didn’t come forward earlier.
“I decided that people needed to know,” Reade said. “He’s going to the highest office in the land. I know what he’s like. I know what his character is like — and he doesn’t deserve the presidency based on what happened to me.”
CBS decided to air this segment in a place that doesn’t care about Joe Biden. Australians have no sway over our elections. They should have aired it in America. For Americans to see. And Americans to decide.
Hopefully the true story gets out in the United States.

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