All of Joe Biden’s Gaffes In One Place

Joe Biden continues to age at warp speed on the campaign trail. We have compiled some of our favorite Sleepy Joe moments. They would be hilarious, if he wasn’t running for President of the United States…
There’s a bad joke about a music scholar who visits Beethoven’s grave in Vienna.  As he nears, he hears the Ninth Symphony being played backward.  He turns to the cemetery caretaker and asks, “What’s that strange music?”  The caretaker answers, “Oh, that’s just Beethoven de-composing.”  
That joke pops into my mind every time I see photos of Joe Biden or hear him speak.  On the one hand, Biden is holding up better than I would have expected a few months ago.  On the other hand, no one can deny that the man is aging with incredible speed.
Today, several people emailed me the same meme.  I looked at it and saw a photo that purports to be Joe Biden, placed next to a picture of a monster character from Mattel named Skeletor:
You’ll note that I said a photo that “purports to be Joe Biden.”  You see, when I first saw the photo, I assumed that it was a manipulated spoof photo.  That couldn’t really be Biden, could it?
Well, yes, it could.  Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit, explains that it was a photo by Carolyn Kaster of the Associated Press.  She snapped it when Biden was speaking on Saturday at the Plumbers Local Union in Erie, Pennsylvania.  If you go to Gateway Pundit, you can see the original photo as well as a close-up showing Biden’s skeletal visage.
Later, the Boston Globe, which is where Hoft found the photo, replaced it with another photo.  I wonder why!
When you look at a video of the event, Biden doesn’t appear a whole lot better:


Contrast that drained man, speaking with a flat voice, with footage of Biden just five years ago, in 2015, when he had decided not to run for president in 2016:


As we all know, looks aren’t everything.  Biden’s rapid aging is also apparent because he is as confused as ever.  While in Toledo, Ohio, Biden announced that he was running for the Senate, a mistake he’s made before.

Biden also confused Teddy Kennedy with Robert Byrd.  It’s not clear how he did it, because the two men were very different, and both were his good friends.  You’d think Biden would know that it was Teddy Kennedy who left a woman to die to protect his career, while it was Robert Byrd who was both an Exalted Cyclops and a Kleagle (or recruiter) for the KKK.

Biden also forgot entirely Mitt Romney’s name, referring to him as “a Mormon.”  I’m not a Romney fan, but surely Biden could do better than that:

Biden’s going to hang in there until the election.  He may (God forbid) even win the election.
I just wanted this post to be a reminder of how cynical the Democrats are.  They know that Biden is useless.  They know that we, the People, know that Biden is useless.  But they’re running him anyway because he’s a placeholder.
Sources: American Thinker: Biden is Aging

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