7 Military Ballots Cast for Trump Found in a River

Democrats are pushing hard to have everyone vote by mail because of the pandemic. But mail in voting makes it easier for them to “lose” ballots cast for Trump.
I don’t trust anything that comes out of Democrats mouths. So when they say something, you should look VERY hard to figure out what sneaky move they are trying to pull.
Take mail-in voting for example. On the surface, it sounds ok. Everyone gets to vote by mail so they don’t have to go into a polling place (which I admit is kind of a pain) and risk getting sick while casting your vote.
Leaving aside the fact that the COVID “crisis” is overblown, that sounds good to me. I can just cast my ballot from the comfort of my home and mail it in when done.
But that’s where the Democrats get you. You have to look at what’s in it for them. Why would they want me to vote by mail? Is it really just to make it convenient for me? Is it really to protect my health?
The answer, as always with Democrats, is no. They only care about themselves and their own agenda.

Their agenda is of course to suppress any votes for Trump to make sure Sleepy Joe can win an election he has no business winning. No one wants to vote for Sleepy Joe. He is an awful candidate who Democrats have propped up to try and steal an election from Trump. Do you know one voter that is excited to vote for Biden? I don’t. The only reason anyone votes for him is because the mainstream media forces them to hate Trump.

With the Democrats agenda in mind, now the Thursday report of discarded ballots make sense. Seven ballots were found in a river. What did they all have in common? You guessed it! They were all cast for President Trump.
Do you think that’s a coincidence? If you do, then I know a member of the House of Representatives who you would get along with great. You guys would be on the same intellectual level.
No this was not a coincidence. This was a test by Democrats to see what they can get away with on election day. Thankfully, the ballots were discovered. Now people need to realize what is going on. Imagine if it was tens of thousands of ballots, not just seven. In some states where the election is projected to be close, that could be the difference between winning and losing.
Democrats are hoping for this exact scenario. Find enough mail-in ballots they can “lose” so Sleepy Joe can win.
We need to make sure our votes are counted. The fate of our Democracy depends on it.
Opinion: This article is an opinion piece written by a prominent Republican who wishes to remain anonymous

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