3 Things To Expect In Next Round of Pandemic Relief

McConnel set Wednesday vote for $500B COVID relief bill. The bill is far more targeted at helping people than the Democrats monstrosity of a bill.
Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Saturday detailed a $500 billion “skinny” coronavirus relief bill that he said the Senate will vote on this Wednesday. 
The bill, far more targeted than the Democrats wasteful bill filled with money for their favorite pet projects like the Green New Deal.
Here are three things that are in the bill and what they mean for you.
Number 1 – More federally-expanded unemployment benefits for laid-off Americans
It was not immediately clear if this means an additional $600 / week in unemployment benefits like at the beginning of the pandemic, an additional $300 / week floated by the White House recently, or simply extending the number of weeks people can qualify for unemployment.
One thing was clear, you will not be receiving another $1,200 stimulus check. Republicans want to target those in need, not send blanket checks to people who don’t need the funds at all.
Number 2 – An entire second round of Paycheck Protection Program to save workers’ jobs at the hardest-hit small businesses
The Paycheck Protection Program, or the PPP, was one of the most successful and popular pieces of the original pandemic legislation. It was used to keep people employed and working throughout the worst parts of the virus.

If you remember, this program was put in place to help small businesses keep people on their payroll even if their revenues were hurt by pandemic related issues. Imagine how many restaurants were saved through this program when people were not allowed to go out and eat.

And on top of that, how many jobs were saved.
Number 3 – $100B to make schools safe for kids
One of the most important things to get the country back to normal is getting kids back into schools. Democrats seem dead set on making sure our children miss an entire year of school, simply for their pathetic political gain.
In order to properly reopen the country, we need to reopen our schools. An extra $100B to make schools safer – outdoor environments, deep cleaning supplies, contact tracing, etc. – will go a long way to making that happen.
Here is the tweet outlining the official statement made by McConnell:



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