3 Factors that Have Trump Doctors Worried, But Hopeful

While the left wing Democrats are pushing rampant conspiracy theories about Trump’s health, the doctors who are actually treating the President have the facts.
The decision to hospitalize President Trump on Friday night for several days after he tested positive for COVID-19 appears to be a wise one, taken out of an abundance of caution. It shouldn’t lead anyone to conclude he is seriously ill at this time.
It is my heartfelt prayer that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump, who has also tested positive, will be among those who recover from COVID-19. The odds are certainly in their favor.
While Twitter doctors are concerned, here are 3 reasons why I believe the President will make a full and speedy recovery.
1) He will receive the best medical attention in the world
As president, Trump has access to the best medical minds in the nation in infectious diseases, pulmonary critical care medicine, and immunology. He will very likely be given the most sophisticated medical tests to diagnose the impact of COVID-19 on his body.
We can be absolutely certain that the president’s blood oxygen levels are being readily assessed and frequently or possibly continually monitored, since many COVID-19 patients who fall seriously ill develop low oxygen levels even before symptoms are apparent. If there is a need, he can receive low-flow oxygen and his response can be carefully assessed.
Decisions that the president’s physicians are taking now are aimed at reducing the viral burden on his body as quickly as possible. This can include the use of experimental treatments that doctors believe will be helpful.
2) His disease was caught and treated early
The President and his staff are tested regularly. He tested positive before he even started showing symptoms. Catching the disease early makes it much easier for doctors to treat. They can be proactive in aggressively attacking the virus to ensure a full and speedy recovery. Some treatments, like the experimental Regeneron treatment he received on Saturday, are not available once the disease is more advanced.
Catching the diagnosis early will increase the odds that this is a short stay.
3) The President is in good overall health
It is clear to anyone observing President Trump in public that he has tremendous energy and stamina, and keeps a rigorous schedule. Fortunately, he has no known history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic kidney disease — all risk factors for worsening the course of COVID-19.
The president is publicly documented to be on two medicines for high cholesterol and on aspirin. This is consistent with good preventive medicine at maintaining a healthy lipid profile, which is important in many older men and is nothing unusual.
The president does not take any drugs to suppress his immune system, does not have cancer, and does not have any lung disease or other serious illness that makes it very difficult for his body to fight off the coronavirus. These factors all point to a high likelihood of his recovery from COVID-19.
The president also benefits by the fact that 10 months into the coronavirus pandemic, doctors and medical researchers know a lot more about the coronavirus and COVID-19 than we did last winter. As a result, there are now better treatments, improved outcomes, and a lower fatality rate caused by the disease.
The President walked independently and with a strong stride to the helicopter taking him to Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland on Friday night, and was not receiving oxygen. He spoke on a brief video shortly before he headed for the hospital and did not appear short of breath.
This leads me to believe that if Donald Trump was still a businessman he would not be hospitalized right now. But the president of the United States requires the highest possible level of health care, with every precaution taken. He will be able to get whatever he needs at Walter Reed, so taking him there makes sense.
Don’t believe us? Let’s hear directly from the President!
Sources: Fox News: Trump Quarantined

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