Biden Rape Victim Defects to Russia to Avoid Being Murdered by US Govt

SergeyCo /
SergeyCo / shutterstock.comTara Reade was supposed to testify before Congress any day now about how she was “allegedly” raped by Joe Biden in the 1990s. That’s ...Read More

Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Arrested for Allegedly Punching an Actual Domestic Terrorist

Jim Lambert /
Jim Lambert / shutterstock.comAshli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, has been tirelessly advocating on behalf of the peaceful Trump supporters who have been unj ...Read More

12 out of 12 Eastern Oregon Counties Vote to Abandon Leftist Portland and Join Idaho

Alexander Lukatskiy /
Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.comBlue states and red states in America are going to have to separate into two separate nations in the near future. There’s no longer ...Read More

Democrats Are Often Guilty of Breaking One of the 10 Commandments

Robert Young /
Robert Young / shutterstock.comFor any Christian, the 10 Commandments are serious. They serve as the basis of morality. And these are even for the people who aren’ ...Read More

Two Dems Jump Ship on Biden Student Loan Cancellation Plans 

ShutterstockProfessional /
ShutterstockProfessional / shutterstock.comAs if Democrats didn’t have enough to worry about with wildcards Joe Manchin (D-W. V) and Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) foiling the liberal ...Read More

Turns Out Veterans Aren’t the Extremists That Leftists Want Them To Be

PEPPERSMINT / shutterstock.comFollowing the January 6th demonstration at the Capitol in 2021, the leftists smelled blood in the water when it was revealed that th ...Read More

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Ground Picture /
Ground Picture / shutterstock.comAlicia Jade Montebello, 31, originally from South Australia is one of four people suddenly killed near Bochara when a Toyota Corolla ...Read More

Australian Woman Kills 3 Teens in Car Wreck, Was Under Investigation for Grooming

Steve Sanchez Photos /
Steve Sanchez Photos / shutterstock.comRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is one of those people who loves staying in the spotlight, no matter what puts her there. As a ...Read More

AOC’s Parody Twitter Account Has Better Numbers Than She Does

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.comHollywood wingnut “Hanoi Jane” Fonda has gone on one of the craziest tirades about global warming that we’ve seen yet. Rep. Alexandr ...Read More

Wingnut Jane Fonda Claims Global Warming is Caused Exclusively by Men

otsphoto /
otsphoto / shutterstock.comWe love our dogs, so it’s important to keep them stimulated – even when we’re not home. Of course, this is easier said than done. Th ...Read More

How to Keep Your Dog Stimulated

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar / shutterstock.comWondering how much longer Whoopi Goldberg will remain relative and employed? If she keeps going at this rate, it won’t be long now. ...Read More

Whoopi Admits Why She Could Never Hold Office

tommaso79 /
tommaso79 / shutterstock.comIn another example of banks being too big to fail, the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) had its US operations purchased by First Citizens, ...Read More

After Being Tossed a Life Ring, Silicon Valley Bank Starts Axing Employees

Pitiya Phinjongsakundit /
Pitiya Phinjongsakundit / shutterstock.comAs you know, Democratic President Joe Biden has reversed or rolled back quite a few of his predecessor’s policies and laws. And now ...Read More

How Biden Will Dramatically Increase Human Trafficking

Jacob Lund /
Jacob Lund / shutterstock.comCoffee can have both positive and negative effects on health, depending on various factors such as the amount consumed and individua ...Read More

Is Coffee the Best Thing for Your Diet?

Africa Studio /
Africa Studio / shutterstock.comBy now, you know that prostates can cause several health problems as you age. And while some, such as the urge to urinate, often are ...Read More

The Importance of Prostate Health

Monkey Business Images /
Monkey Business Images / shutterstock.comWe all know that retirement and what is needed to protect it isn’t what it used to be. For starters, we have inflation rates through ...Read More

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Retirement

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